February 05, 2009

The Winner!

First of all, I'm sorry that I didn't post this blog as I mentioned the day before...terrible headache knocked me down yesterday..It was weird,though. I don't have any energy to get up and do things..Get up-sip the green tea,have some meal, followed by doses of medicine,and sleep!!! Poor story to tell you about...Anyway, now I feel lil' bit better.

Where were we last time...The Gladiator sandals??
OK!! It's time for the winner...

It is incredibly "BORING"!! Longchamp is one of a very good brand,..I mean I like the bag..I used to asked a French lady who carry this black tote bag why does she like it? She told me, 'it's simple,but popular'...Yeah! That's true..that's why I see this Le Pliage about everyday..I'm not a liar....

On the way home,back from work!!

Besides...one thing I feel guilty to say that most of these Le Pliage I have seen are FAKE!

Oh!! Here is another one, just two days ago. I went shopping at Siam Square..These two ladies couldn't stay next to each other much..actually it will 'spark'!! LoL!!

Sorry to be impolite to do this such thing...but it is true in the Fashion reality.
If you're in Bangkok....I think you're agree with me,right??

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