December 29, 2013

Guess Who?!


Another surprise before my 2013 fly by. Thank you to 2 Magazine Thailand for this snap. Another thank you for my Garçon Dodo for the update :)


December 20, 2013

Tikkidoki Day

Tikki + Tokidoki = TIKKIDOKI

Finally, I come back for Intiz'Journal after days and days..well, busy days actually. I'm so happy to be here, even though some of the pictures of my previous journal still blank which I will spend "sometimes" fixing and trying to finish them ASAP.

Talking about "SOMETIMES" or "TOKIDOKI" in Japanese. I have the  amazing story to share here. Yesterday was the only day-off I have in Bangkok after my eleven days of working, and this day-off is really important to me. My good friend send me the news that there's something about Tokidoki would happen here in Bangkok which I figured it out that it's the Tokidoki Seminar.

Tokidoki is one of my favorite brand since I was a teenager. I can say that I'm a big fan. 

At the seminar, I had an opportunity to meet Simone Legno, Tokidoki designer who has created those colorful Kawaii (cute) characters that I adore for years. He shared his idea and what inspire his work from the beginning of the brand, the way he designs the products, also the some of the collaborations among Tokidoki and other well-known brands(e.g. LeSportsac, Sephora, Onitsuka Tiger,Marvel, etc).At the end of the seminar, Simone showed one of the video clip of the Karl x Tokidoki, and one with Peggy Guggenheim.  
 One thing that beyond my expectation is the designer. He is the friendliest, and nicest designer I've ever met. The great moment to meet him is after his seminar when I introduce myself, exchange
my business card, and have a little conversation, he said  "Thank you for supporting the brand. I'm happy that you love Tokidoki"  with his lovely Italian accent.

It was such the amazing day in my life to meet one of the world designer I would like to meet.I am so happy with my...

Tikkidoki Day.

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