December 29, 2013

Guess Who?!


Another surprise before my 2013 fly by. Thank you to 2 Magazine Thailand for this snap. Another thank you for my Garçon Dodo for the update :)


December 20, 2013

Tikkidoki Day

Tikki + Tokidoki = TIKKIDOKI

Finally, I come back for Intiz'Journal after days and days..well, busy days actually. I'm so happy to be here, even though some of the pictures of my previous journal still blank which I will spend "sometimes" fixing and trying to finish them ASAP.

Talking about "SOMETIMES" or "TOKIDOKI" in Japanese. I have the  amazing story to share here. Yesterday was the only day-off I have in Bangkok after my eleven days of working, and this day-off is really important to me. My good friend send me the news that there's something about Tokidoki would happen here in Bangkok which I figured it out that it's the Tokidoki Seminar.

Tokidoki is one of my favorite brand since I was a teenager. I can say that I'm a big fan. 

At the seminar, I had an opportunity to meet Simone Legno, Tokidoki designer who has created those colorful Kawaii (cute) characters that I adore for years. He shared his idea and what inspire his work from the beginning of the brand, the way he designs the products, also the some of the collaborations among Tokidoki and other well-known brands(e.g. LeSportsac, Sephora, Onitsuka Tiger,Marvel, etc).At the end of the seminar, Simone showed one of the video clip of the Karl x Tokidoki, and one with Peggy Guggenheim.  
 One thing that beyond my expectation is the designer. He is the friendliest, and nicest designer I've ever met. The great moment to meet him is after his seminar when I introduce myself, exchange
my business card, and have a little conversation, he said  "Thank you for supporting the brand. I'm happy that you love Tokidoki"  with his lovely Italian accent.

It was such the amazing day in my life to meet one of the world designer I would like to meet.I am so happy with my...

Tikkidoki Day.

Photos taken by INTIZ'JOURNAL team

November 23, 2013

Bad News!

Hello my readers and visitors,
I would like to let you know that my blog is currently has difficulty on IPhone.
Some of you may not see most of the images :(
I'm trying to figure out what' s wrong with this.
If any of you have experienced this. Please let me know, Thank you very much for your help:)


P.S. I'm not gonna quit blogging. Don't worry :)

November 22, 2013

J'adore Mon Chapeau!

Mon Chapeau Leopard

Hat :: X-Act // Sun glasses :: Sportsgirl

The other side of the world it's winter calling, but for Australia. It's almost time for summer. That's why I'm thinking to take my hat with me (it's time to go back to Australia, and

As you know, I never get enough of this print (LoL!) I hope that next time I'll have some "WILD" idea for your closet :) In the mean time that I'm not here "Dress up 'n stay fabulous".

See you soon 


November 20, 2013

Mademoiselle C


We all remember our Queen of Fashion, Anna Wintour from The September Issue years ago. This year, it's another time for another CHIC Queen, Carine Roitfeld. You need a serious fashion education if you don't know her. Anyway, I am so excited to see this movie. Actually, it launched about two months ago. My garçon Dodo and I have already order the DVDs which are now on the way.

If you love fashion,this is another movie that you can't miss,though.

Besides, I knew all of the cast in the movie than those Hollywood celebs. 


November 18, 2013

Studio Renovation Project

I need a new bedroom

According to the photo that I updated in my Instagram this afternoon, 'renovating my bedroom' (aka STUDIO) is one of my 2013 resolution whichhh is it just started (C'mon! I have another 42 days to complete this)From the picture, that NY photo which I bought from Chic Republic months ago still waiting for me to hang it on the wall.Also many of my favorite editorial are waiting to be frame, and so on so forth. I plan to remove everything except the closet out.I need it blank, then I'll make it as a 'small' sewing room and bedroom at the same place. So far, I can't figure out how it would be, but only the thing that I can do from my personal assistant's advice "DON'T MAKE ANOTHER MESS!!!"...LoL!

Stay tuned with my project..I need some interior ideas


November 16, 2013


Orange is really refreshing!

Whenever I back to my home, Bangkok. It's time for a break and of course,blog my Intiz'Journal! I fell sorry that  took half of November to visit Bermuda  and luckily I find my way back here..well, I'm totally kidding! Some of you, my beloved readers may know that I am a flight attendant. So,most of my time that I absent here, I was up there in the stratosphere. Honestly, last two weeks was horrible. I mean my health! I'm glad that all of the drama was, I'm refresh like drinking orange juice in the morning.

Talking about ORANGE, oh well..I think it's the only color that I was up to last week. I had a terrible cold..what I need are vitamin C, and sun. Lucky me,the weather in Honolulu was perfect to my mini closet. I need something really refresh..not just lying on the bed, sick, and reading fashion magazines. So, I brighten up my afternoon with this look :)

Top :: Ally//Skirt :: Uniqlo//Belt :: Steve Madden (Vintage)
Tote Bag :: Sportsgirl//Earring :: 77th Jewelry//Shoes :: Nine West


Photo by Honey B.//Edit by INTIRA

October 31, 2013



I had a good new just before Halloween..LoL! A friend of mine sent me a message that she saw me feature on the magazine again. I was surprised for the news. This time I'm featured in Lisa Magazine which on stand yesterday..Well, I hope my style could inspire someone to dress up :) Thank you very much Lisa :)


I'm B[L]ack in Bright!


T-Shirt :: Tokidoki//Maxi skirt:: Brandy Melville// Blazer:: ZARA 
Boots:: Jeffrey Campbell//Belt :: MNG//Clutch:: Sportsgirl

So far, everyday is a rush day for me..luckily, I "just" have time to catch my breath today and back to my journal to share my style :)

Trying black and bright is a nice thing to try for your closet. For me this pink neon blazer is what I was upto yesterday. Even though, pastel pink is a new black for this season, but I don't have those sweet macarons shades in my head,though..may be I was listening to Arctic Monkeys..LoL!! See ya later ;)


October 15, 2013

Elle Fashion Week A/W 2013

 MY EFW Photo diary

I had an amazing time last weekend even though I still had a jetlag from my flight from Sydney. It was great coming back to Elle Fashion Week this year again for Autumn/Winter 2013 here in Bangkok.It's great to imagine to those Bangkok ladies dressing from lovely girls of  Something Boudoir's The Wildlife Club to the luxury ladies of  TipayaphongPoosanaphong or Sugar and Spice 
"I Think Sold" of Milin and the "up beat" futuristic avant garde from Hook's by Prapakas. This journal, I choose my favorite runways pictures to share with you..Enjoy!


Hook's by Prapakas

THEA by Thara 

Patinya | Stronger Inner Me

Something Boudoir | The Wildlife Club

Milin | I Think Sold

Patinya | Stronger Inner Me

Hook's by Prapakas

Kem Issara | Acropolis Metropolis

Curated by Ek Thongprasert | Dream A Dream

Milin | I Think Sold

Something Boudoir | The Wildlife Club

Curated by Ek Thongprasert | Dream A Dream

Milin | I Think Sold


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