January 28, 2016


//////It's time to get RE[a]DY for 2016/////

Two weeks ago, I was kind of celebrate Intiz'Journal 7th birthday, with no birthday cake, balloons but only me with fashion magazines, salted caramel cupcake, and watching Junya Watanabe Spring 2016 show on Youtube. Then, I take a look of my 2015 planner and check on my resolutions. Asking how many I have achieved in the year?  Two out of ten is my honest answer. My resolutions last year are quite a 'TO DO' list to me, so this year I have to shake them off a little bit. Forget about getting a pair of Manolo Blahnik Hengisi, hunting Prada vintage, or buy new little closet from IKEA then I thought to myself what I could do to be ready, happy, and inspiring everyday? Finally, I get my resolutions which I'm trying to do from the next 338 days. 
Planner :: MUJI
In the photo//Chanel ::Natural finish loose powder, Le Vernis-Pirate, & eyeshadow brush #15
                            NARS :: Audacious Lipstick in Rita, and Carmen

'Carry' is a good verb for a nice purse, and 'Carry On' is another good resolution for me. We all wish upon the New Year firework for a good year to come. This year, I'm pretty sure that it's gonna be another busy year for me." Carry on! Make it Work!" from Tim Gunn has inspired me years and years to keep do it what I love. So, it's perfect to make this as a resolution to remind myself not to give up . It's quite challenging to have nice 366 (it's a leap year,don't forget) days, someday you might have perfect day of your life,or the worst one. Do your best everyday. You can carry on with whatever you wanna rock 'n roll as long as you love it.  

I wish my personal resolutions might give you some idea if you haven't start one for yourself. Remember to make yourself and others happy. Time flies really fast,trust me. Make it worth :)

See you next journal //xo

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