December 31, 2015

Time flies & Great memory would last forever.

Being a fashion blogger and cabin crew at the same time is challenging, but my 2015 was another amazing and busy year for me. I tried my best every 365 days to love myself, and do what I love everyday. There are lot of experience which I would never ever forget, and it was another little step of Intiz'Journal to share my story and personal style to my readers around the world. The most memorable of the year is meeting my fashion icon, First, Diane Von Furstemberg in May. I was super excited to meet, and have a very short conversation with Diane herself. In September at Elle Fashion Week, great chance to had a little talk (and give a bigggg compliment,and great smile)to Margaret Zhang, and Kristina Bazan who are very important and inspire bloggers all over the world. 

Secondly, my awesome experience in Japan. Lucky for me to fly there several times as holiday and work. I love the beautiful scenery and culture, innovative technology, politeness,and sophisticated way of Japanese people.

Lastly, I wish this 2015 photo collection would INspire you to start or keep doing what you love. Remember "Present and gift is the same word.If you have good present everyday, at the end of the year your feeling would be like you see your gift boxes under Christmas tree" trust me because I quote that and going to write it down on my last page of the 2015 journal :) Enjoy

Happy New Year everyone & See you next year //xoxo


December 25, 2015

Season's Greetings

That special time of the year

I wish you have a great time celebrating this special moment of the year with your love ones. Get those of your wish list under the lovely Christmas tree, all you wishes come and Santa is all around// Merry Christmas my readers 


December 16, 2015


//See me as the expert on Expedia UK blog//

I don't understand those who didn't want to share their shopping spots. C'mon! having "closet jolt" (my personal term to use one I coincidentally wear the exact same clothes as other) is not that bad for this sharing generation. Few weeks ago, I had a great opportunity with Expedia UK blog to share my favorite shopping destinations in Bangkok, and Melbourne. It was challenging and quite hard to decide one of my most favorite shopping spots. I personally can shop everywhere from flea market to cyberspace (aka online shopping). So, I would like Expedia beloved readers to have a great shopping experience to those places where I can find great pieces for my lovely closet,and have a good time. If you're a fashion lover who is planning for a holiday in one (or more) destination of The World 's 25 Best Shopping cities, check out the blog for the amazing details from the experts from the cities.

Thank you to Expedia UK for this great opportunity :)

Photo Credit :: Expedia UK blog


November 15, 2015

BIFW 2015

Due to technical problem to upload the photo..I try my best to finish this journal ASAP. Stay tuned//xo


October 27, 2015

Leopard & Longe de Chat

Keep learning & Keep blogging.

October 27,15//5:31AM// Melbourne
For the past few weeks while I was away for the blog, I learnt a lot of things from fashion courses to commerce law. Don't get me wrong that I would change my mind to be lawyer or something but I actually plan to do some fashion business next year. So, I have to research as much as I could to be ready for it. Starting something new is always difficult so you have to keep practice. If you love it, you'll keep doing it. 

Top:: Cotton On//Skirt:: MARCS//Scarf:: Coach for Numéro Tokyo// Charm bracelet:: Pandora

That's all from me this time//See you next journal


September 30, 2015

A Happy 5'3"

Another long walk day,but happy at last :)

Sep 30,15//9:06 PM//Brisbane

I love wearing flat on a long walk day,and this week I walked a lot (not include the time that I have to do my job in the aircraft). In the past, I was really go for high heels no matter how painful of the walking situation,and at the end those fabulous shoes give me at least one blister (I called it a 'shoes hicky'). 

Today, I had to forget about my pairs of high heels at home because all I need is the most comfortable shoes that could take me to the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane (aka GOMA). If you are one of my follower, you'll probably know I love to visit art gallery. It's the place where I can see amazing and incredible pieces of art. 

About forty minutes walk up and down the street, I finally make my way to the place.Thanks to Google Map for some idea,and those local people who tell me the right direction (well, I 'm not so good at reading map). 

Robert Macpherson | The Painter's Reach

When art meets fashion is always perfect. Just like these four paintings of Monica Rohan. They are my most favorite (may be because I want those dresses to be real). Besides, floral print is still "IN" until Spring/Summer 2016, so I think this is the lovely idea for floral lover.

Monica Rohan||From above:: Yeah Right Ok,2014||
Bluster,2015|| Jumble,2105||Over-reacting,2015
Naomi Hobson |Grass Seed Rain,2015
It take me for awhile to choose my photos of the pieces that I really like from this amazing trip to the gallery.I got a lot of #INspiration and yes,happy to share this journal to you all. Everything around you might turn to something amazing, even though my feet was getting a little bit sore afterward,but you know what they say? No Pain,no gain.Talking about gain, I just gain another pair of leopard high heels on the way I walked back to my place. C'mon..I was a 5'3" almost almost afternoon! Is that a good excuse?!!..LoL ;)

See you next journal//xo


September 26, 2015

Mustard Evening

Yellow mustard is my favorite color//Honey mustard is my favorite flavor.

Even though I just realized that it's spring time in Australia at the moment,but it feel slightly winter to me. I mean, I still need at least one coat to wrap myself warm. I can't refuse that black is one of the most popular color in the cold season (even now I'm wearing my black Zara jacket and writing this journal),but when I see many people almost everywhere wearing it especially in a head to toe look then my fashion environment is totally boring. So,wherever you guys are when it's spring/summer, it's time for colors,and turn your black from the cold season to be your accessories.

Coat ::Forever XXI //Scarf :: Coach for Numéro Tokyo// Ring & Earrings :: Lovisa//Bag:: Boyy

See you next journal

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