October 15, 2011

Ready for Melbourne

It has been years and years that I stay in Thailand. Now,I just get a new career as a flight attendant..LoL!! So,I think this is a great great opportunity for me to get inspirations and bring me back to my design MIND,though.

But!!..before that, I have to figure out what I should pack there..!!?

See you in Melbourne..I'll try be here if I'm no that busy for training!



October 09, 2011


Hello readers..It has been a long time that I didn't update anything here.Actually, I'm pretty busy as usual.Besides, I just get my new career as a cabin crew..flight attendant..or anything you wanna call it.This is gonna be a good opportunity for me to travel the world and find inspirations and back to my design again in the nearest future. So..PLS BEAR WITH ME!!

Lately, I bought Elle US October issue..actually I want to read something rather than the training manual in my flight to Melbourne.It's gonna be fun..Well,I'll try to be positive,though.As this blog, I have "a lot" of draft stuff in my table...so,I'll try to find sometimes with them..Again! PLS BEAR WITH ME!!

As this editorial,I love it..I don't know how to explain it exactly "FOR ME,ONLY ONE STANDING OUT IN GREEN..one will "green" on you" Make sense??! Anyway..Hope you like it,too::

See you next post

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