April 22, 2016

Jus D' Orange


April 21.2016 | Bangkok
Have you ever had the 'I have nothing to wear' moment in the morning? It's a funny female thing once we thought to ourselves that way ,but in fact there's countless of clothes and accessories right in front of us. I was the early bird this morning, finding what to wear because right in front of me is mostly winter clothes which I prepare for my next trip to Melbourne but right now I'm in Bangkok where it is thirty something degree Celsius. 

Finally,I found this grandma-silhouette top that I bought it awhile ago, and never worn it before. The orange prints is really fresh me up like you drink cold orange juice in the morning. Once I get a statement piece,accessories are my piece of New York cheese cake.
Top(as dress) :: Bangkok//Hat & sunglasses :: Misty Mynx//Earrings ::77th
Bag:: Stella McCartney// Shoes :: Vintage

It's look is so refreshing. The old neckline and silhouette didn't make me feel like I gonna look old in this top. Trust me, you can wear everything in your closet. So, instead of saying, "I have nothing to wear", say "What I will look today/tomorrow?" and try on your clothes until you love it. 

Well, I hope this journal could inspire you something, or at least make you feel thirsty for orange juice ;)

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April 19, 2016



Last week while I was roaming around Perth CBD, I noticed that more than fifty percent of women here is wearing head-to-toe black look. Seriously, I can see it every five second or something!!  

I'm sure that we all love wearing black,and I would say that black is the survival color -you'll probably make less mistake with it. It is classic, never go out of style, BUT! BLACK is boring sometimes to me when I see almost everyone is wearing it at the same time. I was like " C'mon there's so many colors in the planet!" 

I'll give you some of my tips; match your nail with lipstick color, wear colored or printed jacket/blazer/scarf, accessorize you look with color jewelries. Very easy,isn't it?  

Top:: H&M// Leggings ::Uniqlo// Scarf :: Rubi// Sunglasses ::Misty Mynx// Earrings :: Witchery

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