February 28, 2009

Unbelted & Ruffles

3:16 AM.

Spent my holidays with Mario Bros & The Sims 2 is not good but enjoyable!

Back to topic!! The season of Fall in Milan kicked off yesterday. I have to stop myself from beating a goal score to do something more important.
Emporio Armani//Just Cavalli//Missoni//Moschino Cheap & Chic were on the bulletin points in Intiz Journal.

Most of the collection, yes ruffles!! As myself, I like the spring one..Ok! think positive!! The first thing I spot on the collection is the unbelted belt,followed by the shoes:Platform & Sandal.Unfortunately, there's no detail shot, so I spent a few minute on what are the material of the belt!!?? Hmm....I think I have to buy an accessory magazine next season for sure!!

Photo from Style

*I think that belt might made of metal cover with leather...Hmm!! I'm not sure!! So curious about this!!

February 25, 2009

One day-on B'Fore Three days-off ;-)

3:30 AM-Searchin' Calvin Klein Bloc Heel in Net-A-Poter,but can't fine them :-(
6:30 AM-Swim in a blanket //snooze my cellphone 'til 10.
10:05 AM- Zleepy head//Get up//Turn on my Acer...
10:07 AM- Yahoo//Hotmail//Gmail//Facebook
10:10 AM- Check my agenda 'n Intiz Journal//Main duties check
>>>>Cram the exam 'til 10:30>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
11:15 AM- Grab a black polo//jeans skirt//two charm
bracelets//earrings,but bed head still!
11:30 AM- Kate Eyelids//L'oreal lines//Chanel lips//and Moschino scent.
>>>>Uncle gimme a ride 1/2 way//and another half for express cab>>


Service//Smile//How are you today?//How may I help you??//Certainly!!
03:10 PM- Test time::Confuse//Confident//Worry..so worry!
09:30 PM-Continue with Luella//Erdem//Aquascutum//and Christian Siriano
10:20 PM-Help a guest to scan his documents.
10:30 PM- WORK//'n Intiz Journal blog new entry.//WWD update.
@Home:: Begin to check on Vera Wang,Calvin Klein (Fall),Marc by Marc Jacobs,Richard Chai, and Tibi.Lastly// Gather LDN runway pick//Make a slide....//

Super last I've done today
Saving picture of Christopher KONG!..OopS! Kane!!..Just Kidding!!

[Photo by Style]

3:27 AM.//Feb 25,09

February 23, 2009


Sometime~Afternoon~After Christopher Kane!
I take my 'eyes break' from the laptop screen after done with those New York and some new LDN, back to Lily Donaldson on Vogue UK. By the way, there are eight magazines on the long wooden chair,why I pick her again??

Seems like there's new items that I'm going to dye (or...will buy)

Turn page 135::

~Oh! It's going to match my jeans!!
Before I'm going to close the Vogue,UK..This Karl Lagerfeld tee stop me again!

It's £79 on Net-A-Porter!! Let's see what's going to happen soon!

This is the conversation I have with the bro (brother).Let's see how we love each other :-)

Brother: What'a matter?
Me: Nothing I just reading the mag'.
Bro: Reading? Why you read that much?
Me: Why you watch 'American Best Dance Crew' that much?
Bro: Improving my skill.
Me: Same answer!!*I'm a nice sister~Plz believe me!*

First day favorite::LDN::Fall 2009

I dreamt last night that I speak British accent!!
When I wake up, the the first thing I see (besides the ceiling) is Lily Donaldson on Vogue UK,March issue. I didn't buy it, but borrow from my department..promise the boss I'll return on February 28.

~After I freshed up myself 'n test English accent.I continue with LDN on Style,Elle,WWD...etc.

I picked the last five runway shows to pick one the favorite//each..I jot it the journal NJ-luv the pants,PJ-sth eskimo!!,SS-love that print,Topshop-pale perfect number 31,VW-the tartan suit:::::::::

Let's start with the left, one in the orange frame is Sinha Stanic's. It is the one I mentioned 'SS-love that print'.Next,is Peter Jensen (something Eskimo)..I'm probably right,cuz when I go back to read what Sarah Mover's editorial..He went to Greenland!!In the middle,Topshop..models look so pale..but collections are awesome..then Nathan Jenden, the NJ luv the pants..and last one,Vivienne Westwood Red Label...like I write in the note "the tartan suit"...

February 21, 2009

Jay is Back!!

If you are one of the fashion designer reality show called Project Runway. So, you probably know who I'm talking about. Yesterday, 'Eleven Minutes' of Jay McCarroll is in theater in America..and in Here TV( the gay Channel which I can't believe myself that I will visit that website..cuz I just wanna see the movie..LoL!!)Well, I just hope I can find the DVD in ebay.

Well, once you've been in a fashion show...Besides those "I love this"..."I hate that"...have you ever thought of how hard one designer spend days and nights, get inspiration turns to design,sketching,sewing, and finally showing to people. I think this is a good movie for one who wanna be a designer...let's see a trailer (again)

I really miss his techno style....I think I'm going to spend my day-off for Project Runway DVD for sure.....Anyway, I think I should finish this up..and go back to work with another blog!!!

New York Minutes.

It has been a while..almost five days,isn't it?? After a long marathon for the Fall runways..I am tired. Today,got a physical check up..so the day before I have to take the long rest-I have to give up those hours to collect the collections, but sleep instead. So, in the afternoon, I know exactly that I gotta lotta picture to do the right click,then save picture as..into the designer's name files.

So, I gonna make this quick...like the 'editor pick'..it's hard to select one from each but here it is::::


February 16, 2009

Shopahoilc day...cursed by H13!!

Happy Birthday Brother

It has been almost five days that I disappeared from the blog..truly apology -_-"
Actually, I'm here everyday (not an excuse)..try to finish those draft blog entries..'n collect those NY Fall'09 designer's like a Marathon..[actually I do this every seasons to summarize the runway trends]Fun..Restless..and tired(of course!!).

Went to Grand EGV @ Siam Discovery center( Gosh!..it was long time ago..I've been there for movie)::Friend Call>>Five Sharp!!>>Theater 5..Row H12,and 13..Only we two the other friend just cancelled..Ok!! I'm in H13(stand for :How come it's 13??)..Bet you know what we'll watch.........

As the movie is...cute'n hilarious!! I enjoy to see Ms.Bloomer's (aka 'The Woman in the Green Scarf')Dance move...LoL!..I mean those labels like Marc Jacobs,Prada,Gucci...and so on, but not her style...it's not my way ;-P!
Last thing, those Gucci studded boots which Alicia got are what I want!! Do I need those?? ..............Yeah, H13 cursed me, The shops I wanna go spend or even look for my Feb's wish list are closed..even new fashion magazines are not available!!

Well, how I gonna finish this...Ok!! I leave you a trailer..Bet you like it;0)

::::::::::::::Enjoy the Movie::::::::::::::::::::::::::

February 14, 2009


I give you this spread of Chanel Iman in Versace Spring/Summer 2009 from Harper's Bazaar & the The most collection I LOVE for S/S...Of course...VERSACE<3


XOxo, Intira <3

February 13, 2009

First day favorite::New YorK::Fall 2009

>>Shape Shifter>>Yigal Azrouël >>Golden Draped dress>>BCBG MaxAzria>>Runway Rock>>Chalotte Ronson>>Chic dress>>Nicole Miller>>Sweet Royal>>Abaeté>>

Photo from Style.com

Ba..Bye ;-)

February 12, 2009


I'm alive!! Don't think that I have a trip to Bermuda..or something like that. Actually it was..it is..and it will busy..busier..and busiest for me...
New York Fashion week is..tomorrow!!!...So, In my journal, I have schedule of the shows...

Spotting: Yigal Azrouël, Chalotte Ronson, BCBG, and Nicole Miller +Hotelier on High Occupancy day+ Competition Collections.........Just wish me luck my dear...<3!!

:::::::::::::::::::::ENJOY THE RUNWAY SHOWS!!::::::::::::::::::::::::

Wake Up Call!

My bedtime was 4 in the morning...I got a wake up call from my "Loyal Bookstore" at Paragon that she keep the March issue of Zipper for me...........Well, by that time, it was 9:30..[the department store open at 10:30]Anyway, less than five hours to take the rest.....After that I can't sleep anymore...if I can I'm going to be late for work...So, I got it!!!

Inside the issue is interesting...probably, I will read it later..cuz NYFW begin..I better get ready!!

February 11, 2009

Street//February'09 issue....

My second issue of Street...is cool as the first one last month...As usual, I will randomly snap my favorites spread to share with you....


Peace Out!!

LDN's Trio

Coolest combination

Mademoiselle Jardin

The Wayfarer Twins

Punk Passion

Check Please!

Move down to da::::BOttOM::::


February 09, 2009

Be Serious!!

Happy Birthday Sister...

After writing her Facebook's Wall. I locked myself in the room about 20 hrs!!
I got the news from ThaiCatwalk today about the Young Designer Competition this year.

Of course,I will apply myself to this competition..no matter I'm going to win or lose. The concept is "MAKE IT TREND:THAI UNLIMITED"..Then my head was like a computer when it has many windows pop on the screen when it hangs!!..But I don't know what I should start...Creating 3 collections; Woman,Man,and Children..3 designs for each collection. For someone,this might be a piece of cake, but it is a huge rock for me!!

Besides, it is challenging,but durable~I have to get these done before the end of April!!

Well, I was blur..actually 'headache' I don't have any experience related to fashion design competition..How can I start my self with these such things?!

~I look at the picture of Aggy & Jean Paul Gaultier,and concentrate....

Finally my 'dumb' head realized when I saw a stack of fashion books I have write about at N//E//R//D

So,I grabbed 'The Fundamentals of Fashion Design' to help me.


Research means::
Creative investigation,and good design can't happen without some form of research.


Research takes two forms.
First is sourcing material and practical elements.
Second is 'the kind you make once you've found a theme or concept for use in your design. Themes can be personal,abstract, or more literal.

[Sources:The Fundamentals of Fashion Design,Richard Sorger & Jenny Udale,Start Your Research (page.16)]
Wish me Luck,xoxo!!

February 08, 2009


Going out on Sunday gimme headache especially going shopping-it's crowded.So, I prefer myself staying at home and catch up some reading..Of course, magazine.

I spot a cool plastic ring model at the right corner of page 10 in the Japanese Zipper magazine.

So..now I know what I'm going to write in the journal as my new [WISH LIST]

Finally got that part, stick to my journal, and start finding out about these cute'n rave style ring.

Well, actually..it remind me thinking of my brother's toy when he was in the kindergarten, before he know the Nintendo game,though!!

::Intiz Journal (P.88):

Ok..it's time to fine out about the ring...oh ring!!
I was searching..searching ..and search due to the name in the magazine said "PLAEING"...but it didn't work out. Luckily, my Japanese wasn't that bad...it gave me many results..All I need to do just..translating it!!

I visited Clunky Design, to read more.....

By the way, these plastic model ring named PLARING...not PLAEING!!

As the Plaring, there are 3 designs::Bunshee robot, Poko Helmet, and the Fury circles ring. For the size, there 're No.9-11..What else!?..Oh! In the model kits, there are 7 colors..so, you probably have fun the change the color..

It's cool ,isn't it!? Well, if you looking forward to buy (like me),please go to http://shop.pingmag.jp/clunkydesign/. I might go to hit the rave shop in town...hope I can fine one,though....

Is it a good sign??

After I've done with the PLARING,I flip the mag over...'n over again.
Glancing at my horoscope...

As my [ACTION] star, I tells 'You should begin your blog, and try to write about it as often as you could'.."Oh! that's true...I have do it before I read this"..Is it a good sign??
LoL!! My Intiz' Journal is getting fatter with the papers,notes,sticky memos..blah..blah..blah!!

Gemini Fashion item of the month :::: GLOVESand

The place where Gemini should go:::LIBRARy..I wonder why??
[Figured out soon that I have competition to attend about fashion design and I do need to do some research for the inspiration..that's why!!]

But actually I'm not going :::cuZ my bedrom has many many magazines to read...Fashion Trend Center where use to be the biggest fashion library in Bangkok..Sadly it has been closed...Internet is a huge source...Anyway..That's what Gemini is all about!!
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