February 21, 2009

Jay is Back!!

If you are one of the fashion designer reality show called Project Runway. So, you probably know who I'm talking about. Yesterday, 'Eleven Minutes' of Jay McCarroll is in theater in America..and in Here TV( the gay Channel which I can't believe myself that I will visit that website..cuz I just wanna see the movie..LoL!!)Well, I just hope I can find the DVD in ebay.

Well, once you've been in a fashion show...Besides those "I love this"..."I hate that"...have you ever thought of how hard one designer spend days and nights, get inspiration turns to design,sketching,sewing, and finally showing to people. I think this is a good movie for one who wanna be a designer...let's see a trailer (again)

I really miss his techno style....I think I'm going to spend my day-off for Project Runway DVD for sure.....Anyway, I think I should finish this up..and go back to work with another blog!!!

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