November 26, 2012

Sweet Sunday

As some of you might see this picture from my Instagram before..please getting the detail. Today was a rushing Sunday. It was raining in Bangkok which I really hate that. I have only two days to stay home before back to Australia again..

I went to Oprah show today...LoL!!! Just kidding!! I went to Siam Square today to get new pieces from H&M..I'm hopeless to get the one I want 'cuz I heard that some of the pieces I want were sold out, but I'm not 100% believe so I have to check the store myself, and I got  these MMM Invisible wedge ankle boots ...then, I visited Madame Tussauds with my aunt, Opera Winfrey you see above is the wax one!
Asking about the skirt, I got it from last week from Lyn Around as you've seen it in the previous journal.

I'm trying to update what I wrote in my journal..soon guys, please stay tuned :

Top :: Misty Mynx  Skirt :: Lyn Around  Bag:: MNG  Shoes:: Intiz'Zelection

Thank you for reading :)


November 12, 2012

Sneak peak of Intiz'Closet

So far, I'm in a rush hour of everything to get ready and fly to Singapore tonight, and my baggage is messy!! This weekend, when I return to Bangkok, I was SHOPAHOLIC!! May be I have only two days off that's why I shop hard. 
Anyway, these are the picture of my closet sneak peak.....see you soon :)


New Accessories

Lyn Around

Something via Singapore

Hound tooth Mania

Bangkok's new Label

The Air Element Necklace

Heavy Metal


November 05, 2012

I'm going to a space

Hello from Melbourne..I work up late this evening..dress up like this for quick grocery shopping at Coles!!
See you later guys..I'll edit this soon with my computer when I'm home:)

Top :: Divided by H&M  Skirt:: Intiz'Zelection  Boots:: Jeffrey Campbell

Sun glasses:: Lyn Around

Have a fabulous week,


November 04, 2012

Simple Sunday Morning with Simple Statement.

Good early Morning, I have to wake up early today, have to get ready,packing for my four days in Australia, and off course "on duty".. so I have to leave this for my reader to read and watch these videos( while I'm not here). I found last night on Vickteerut Live Channel on Youtube (well, don't have to repeat that I am an almost everyday I viewer this site..LoL!!)

Besides, I found this interesting editorial of Vickteerut, Pararac Universe in LIPS magazine. I wanted to share how lovely of this collection,especially the ribbon of the most important part on the gift boxes :)

Thank you some photo credit from LIPS' facebook page

See you later, and thank you for reading :)


November 01, 2012


When I first know Tom Ford. I know his name as the designer of Gucci..and when I see his picture for the first time I thought to myself.."Dxmn he has those sexy eyes!!" And from that thought, I think I'm right..he really has sexy eyes with his sexy vision.

This evening, I spent most of my time randomly check on his sunglasses collection..then, isn't enough..

Check out Tom Ford..this season

Recently, I heard that his beauty line and off course the sunglasses  are hot as well

For Summer 2013..I love everything,especially the bag, seriously...



Hello November, can you believe it? There are only two months left for this year...and there are so many things left on your 2012 resolution list. If you don't have one..well. I do, and one of the resolution is "make my blog to INTIZ-JOURNAL.COM".

And after a " ...may be so..I don't know decision",I made up my mind to do it..c'mon only $10 a year..Don't be so stingy!! 

Finally, I made it today, and keep exciting until 7am for no reason (LoL!)..and here it is.. 

page 28

After that "dot com" upgrade, I sleep like dead until afternoon..wake up starving and called my friend to get some brunch, and I got two ballerina flats, magazine, new Chanel beauty, two Lyn Around sunglasses back home with me.

my new peacock print ballerina flats 

the working table

See you later and Have a fabulous day 
Thank you for reading my

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