June 22, 2009


Yeah...I'm talking about those sheer..slim...sensitive pair pairs of panty hoses which is a part of my uniform...Sick to say this word,but it's true....work in the hospitality biz, especially front of the house.

Doing laundry this morning...there are many pairs of the "run" one..Then I feel like "I wanna shredded the whole pair..but...I don't have time...so.just separate them from the good one".......

After I've done with the laundry...I really have no idea..what I should do with them...so I just cut them to pieces...and try to make something like these:::

I'm not sure..what I'm going to do with these pieces of stcokingstocking...let me try to sketch something this coming Wednesday:-)..Besides, I need to get more pantyhoses for the project as well...LoL!!!


June 21, 2009

Silent Night.......

There's one thing I hate about workin'afternoon shift.....I totally back home//and get home about midnight or later...no good isn't it!?

But I have to stay up,and update...what[?]..the previous entryentries..one that has not been published...the sketches, update fashion news..Resort 2010..and more..Hmm!! Sleepy..but I can't let myself sleep, and wake up early to do the stuff...so have to bring something to keep me awake...like:::

(After)midnight meal & snack!!!

Right across page (half page)162...I try to finish it tonight...


June 19, 2009


Gosh! I have to..yeah! have to wear this (not)pretty costume halter to perform the dance show.
It's department talent competition. First,I help my colleages to choreograph..then I have to perform with them as the boss said so~! I love dancing,hope that the beads and sequins won't disturb my steps much!


June 18, 2009


One at work call me this morning to edit the choreography routine of the front office performance for the staff party....I didn't do the choreography since I was a cheerleader at my uni....Anyway, I did say 'yes' without thinking...[no big deal just edit it,right??]

2 something in the afternoon...@ the back office// I was lil' bit moody cuz all of them are 'late'...Gosh!! So..blogging is a good way to killing the time to wait.
travelling to SOS

This is totally cool//and//almost coincident to me(mind are leather & plastic instead of silver,though)....

Thing is, I did wear this D&G which I borrowed from my bro in the same side, but I changed my mind few minutes,ago!!

well...well...well..where are they????

talk to y'all soon...XOXO,Tikki

June 14, 2009

Passer Buy

My second day //of five days off:-)..It’s a lil’bit boring to stay home. I just feel like “Let me go out, and do something!!”….. “what is it,anyway??” I really have no plan for shopping for new clothes//accessories..cuz I have invested some of money of my account for the “TOUGH CUFF”…well, so far I have sold a few!! LoL!! I happy’ cuz one’s it,though. Anyway, I’m tired to make it no matter how many time that metal hammer hit my left-thumb!
Central Rama 2 is the nearest place I can go….don’t wanna go that far..Remember? “I have NO shopping plan”….Besides, nanna asked me to buy some groceries back home…Hmm!! That’s the last thing, I gonna do be for catching a cab home!!

KIKUYA:: This is the only fabric store of this mall. I went in to check that there’s some good fabric is on sale or not…then went out with nothing. The sale staff are get use with my face already..I think!
***Roaming round..round..and round. My right side is getting heavier…..’til I find this small kiosk at almost the way out

There are many awesome, and not so awesome accessories here. But what interesting me is a folio that a group of high school girls…were looking..pointing..and saying “I like this..one..that one” Curious!! “what is that all about?” ……………….Fi..nal..llly! It’s only a font folio..for the made –to-order name charm. Then, I start thinking ‘should I order one’??
***Roaming round..round..and round

I ask a sale person..how long does it take to get a charm done…….. “TWO WEEKS!” Hmm..thinking while (kinda) look at another customer who was ordering a jumbo bling bling necklace. Gosh! He looks like D+Grade Science student…in stead of rapper or a hip-hop peeps.
Anyway,…….”TWO WEEKS”………..After>>>>>


June 12, 2009


6:12 pm..
Don't tell boss ...I escape to my fashion leisure!!! Tomorrow is going to be my paradise holidays-6 days in a row(Hurray!!). Not my vacation,or anything...I have to finish those draft entries from first June until...today (I think.!!)..Well, we'll see.

Ok!...Let me begin this entry as the title says..LV. You all probably know it...
Fame to Foxy Lady of ThaiCatwalk info of this SuperFlat First Love by Takashi Muragami for Louis Vuitton Animation:::

Watch it!!! You'll back to child again :-)


June 07, 2009

My new ISSUE!



Here is the June/July,09 issue of Style Sample Magazine for us ...Bloggers:-)

Actually the mags are unpublished....you can subscribe via the mag's website.
and....this is the Premier one:::

Big thanks for those creative contributors;-)
Great Jobs!!!

Busy Banner

7:06@my officework...
I make a quick dash to tell you guys that...
thank you some of you reader for ordering the cuff...I'll send to you ASAP!!


June 02, 2009


I love the combination of everything in this editorial 
I love Gemma Ward

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