Sunday, November 2, 2014

IN in the Book

Chapter of my fashion story |P.24

Personally, I don't have the "you must look at me" attitude in my head when wearing clothes. Instead I have this "I love my look and it could inspire others" attitude. When going to fashion week, I don't expect any photographer to take my photos because the major target are the celebrities (of course), and "oh! you have this brands from head to toes" group of people. Last year, I've met one street photographer named James Bent who ask for taking a photograph at Elle Fashion Week A/W'13.

It was a great opportunity to meet James Bent even though I was rush to the fashion hall for Kem Issara first show. I don't ignore people who approach me to ask for something. By that time, James owned his wonderful street fashion website, La Mode Outré which I posted here before. Then, months after that I've had a great news about his book, Asian Street Fashion. I really love to see it. Surprisingly, I'm in the book in page twenty-four. I enjoy his stories behind the lens about fashion in Asia as well.

I'm happy when I got the books once I got them few days ago (a month delayed from its original launch in September 2014). The pleasure is not only my photo, but the passion the James does inspired not the photographer themselves but to those who had passion in what they love and do it,and his 285 street style photos influence me to keep dress up and inspire others. 

Thank you to James Bent and Asian Street Fashion for this amazing chapter of my life.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Out IN the BLUE

Intiz' Journal x ZALORA THAILAND

Personally, I disagree that 'blue' is the color of sadness. It's because the other days before when I opened the wonderful package from Zalora Thailand.One of the most well-known online fashion destination.  I was "OMG!" to myself and smiled for this collaboration :)

When it comes to quick'n chic,dress is the one that I always pick from my closet. "Let's do the BLUE!" was the mood for my yesterday. I chose this EZRA by ZALORA dress out from the laundry service cover. Well, I planned to pack it and shooting in Hawaii at first. But a fashion-lover like me can't ignore this new lovely dress right in front of me, and "C'mon great clothing could wear everywhere". I mixed shades of the blue with my total look, and matched the zigzag line of the dress and the shoes. Touched up with accessories, and 'voila!' I'm ready to go. Quick 'n Chic,isn't it? 

Dress & Bag:: EZRA by ZALORA// Shoes:: Charles & Keith //
Sunglesses :: Misty Mynx//Necklace:: INTIZ

Thank you Zalora Thailand for this collaboration. Those lovely 'blue' items really make me a happy day. 


Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Rush Hrs in Shibuya

Last three days, I really had a great 'rush' time in Japan. Actually,I had a flight to Osaka, but then change to Narita at last . Well, as my career as a cabin crew, I'm used to it because I have to be prepare for every destination. Obviously, my outfit on this journal could tell you how I prepare to have a great time in Japan where I personally call "The Land of Kawaii"

Every clock tick is counting for this trip.I decided to visit Shibuya. right after visiting my Japanese best friend who will open her awesome café around Takadanobaba in October (Of course, I will be back to Japan again). Shibuya intersection is one of the place where I'd like to visit in Tokyo.Finally, I see the Shibuya109 building-the place where I only used to see in a Japanese romance comics when I was a teenager. Shopping stores are all over the place and of course..people. You can't miss crossing the intersection with those crowd. You might see this video below if you're one of my Instagram followers.::
Crop top:: American Apparel// Maxi Pants :: Marihorn // Purse :: Stella McCartney //
 Sunglasses :: Misty Mynx // Charm Bracelet :: Pandora // Nail Color :: OPI-A Piers To Be Tan

To be honest, I really don't have time to explore fashion, and things in this area much. Anyway, at the end of the day, I enjoy my first colorful Shibuya experience. I'm sure that I'll come back for more. 

Have a fabulous day | また会いましょう

Photo by Honey B. & INTIRA

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Light & Dark

Sky//Ocean//Maxi Dress

There was a great afternoon in Honolulu with light shades of the sprinkle sky, and the dark blue shade of the Pacific Ocean that contrast to my lovely vintage maxi dress. It was fun photo shoot at 
Ala Moana Park. 

Have a great weekend 'n See you next journal

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Pink 'N Paint

 Pink 'n Art

Last two weeks, I was bored and lack of energy from the duty. Besides, they dull and sad grey surrounding of winter in Australia make me emotionally sick 'cuz I love colors. When I arrived home last Tuesday, those terrible feeling was totally gone right after I open my "little" colorful heaven-my closet. My invisible matching program automatically find me the outfit when I said "I need something art, and colors!"

My art of brushing paint skirt, my painting on the DIY bag, and the bright pink dress (which I shorten it up) meet Gail of the Equinox Fashion (I was one hour and a half delay!)
It's another wonderful time, that I booked my entire afternoon for her. I love hanging out, and of course outfit snaps with her every time I back to Bangkok. Listen to her fashion attitude made me feel like adding colors to the painting to make it a little perfect. 

Top:: SUPRÉ//Cape Blazer:: Very J via Nasty Gal//Skirt:: H&M Collection//Belt::MOSCHINO
Bag:: DIY//Shoes:: Brian Atwood//Arm candy:: Swatch, Pandora, Lovisa

Thank you for you reading my journal 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Chanel Journal

Belated Chanel birthday gift

Personally, I love giving gift to people. I love the moment when they smile, and excited to see what inside the box. It's my turn today having a black Chanel box on my working desk. Even though it's twelve days away from my birthday (June 2), I'm happy anyway,and Yay!! I got a new journal, the Chanel journal.

Thank you Chanel Thailand for this wonderful gift 

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