Thursday, May 14, 2015

REDDDYY for Big Night

Loving Shu is (Yaz) Red

Wearing red lipstick give me a lot of feeling, confident, powerful, sexy, and of course beautiful.I don't know when exactly I love wearing red lipstick. Once I found out, I have many of them.I'm sure more than 80 percent of woman have this beauty moment. Surprisingly, I just got my first red of Shu Uemura when I walked pass by David Jones and I saw the big C'est Ah inside. I automatically know that YazbukeyXShu Uemura has arrived Australia.

 I actually wait for this fabulous collaboration line to launch since I read about it(I believe in Vogue Japan Beauty).The Yaz Red shade of rouge unlimited supreme matte lipstick, and  nail color perfectly match my dress which I will wear to meet Diane Von Furstenberg tomorrow. I don't know who saying this but "Wear red for the big night".

Stay tuned for my next journal, I better go get reddddddy! 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Good Place, Good Food, and Good Friend

Choosing one fine restaurant in Sydney is not that easy especially for 'not a foodie person' like me. So, it one of my mission to impress my bff who just moved to the city. The evening before the meeting day while I was randomly like photos on Instagram, I saw a photo of cool iced coffee, then I checked the location, also #Sydney #cafe...Bingo! my mission is completed.

Arriving The Grounds of Alexandria as walk-in customer is not a good idea. I think the garden atmosphere around the place really cool down those customers who lined up in a long queue ,but not me. So,my friend and I changed our 'plan A', having a delicious coffee and chat there to 'plan B', nice place, good food,and we hear each other when we talk. Finally, we got our table at The Potting Shed. There are many delicious menus,but I decided to order my all time favorite- a glass of the house-made raspberry lemonade,and cheeseburger (of course Australian beef)with fries.That's funny,isn't it? After the brunch, we went to the florist shop nearby where I get inspiration for my design. It was such a great afternoon, and I'm sure I'll be back to Alexandria again..C'mon it takes about twenty-something minutes by cab from Sydney.

Jacket:: Saxony// Camisole:: Gap
 Skirt ::X-Act// Belt :: H&M
Bag:: Boyy // Earring:: Lovisa
Sunglasses ::Seed Heritage // Shoes :: NU

Wish I'll be there again//xo

Saturday, April 18, 2015


I remember the first time I have visited Narita San Temple,I saw forty-something Japanese ladies in the very beautiful Kimono then I thought to myself  that " It would be great if I have a chance to wear Kimono and come here." Finally, I have a chance to wear one.

I've heard about wearing Kimono (for free) from my cabin crew friends before this duty trip to Japan. Yes! freebie plus fun, plus fabulous is a perfect combination result. I'm not hesitate getting myself ready to the temple because I'd like to do this for a long time. I really have no idea where the place is until I saw two smiley Japanese ladies with well English speaking invited me and my friends to experience the costume. It's such a great and of course beautiful experience.

Earring :: Dior 

Thank you  NPO Hospitality Narita for dressing me up in this beautiful Kimono. 

*Currently, the Kimono Service at NPO Hospitality Narita  is free of charge on Wednesday and Friday (from 10AM-3PM) and donation is appreciated.

Saturday, April 11, 2015



"Am I in Africa?" I always expressing this question to myself when the weather is hot. Now, It's April-the hottest month of the year so, wearing "Light" and "Super Nice" is what I prefer. Another thing that I always love to wear is animal print (especially leopard). So this look is my perfect combination for my summer day.

Tunic Dress & Scarf (as turban) :: Marihorn Spring/Summer 2015// Clutch :: Crush on Clutch // Sunglasses :: Sportsgirl// Shoes :: LYN

Elephant bracelet:: ForeverXXI // Woven bracelet :: Misty Mynx

Thank you for reading my journal 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

3rd Week of Jan

Oh my! My Jan' is almost end!

"Time and tide wait for no man"..and women. Well, it has been three weeks after new year. For me, those three weeks have been alright. Aside from my flying career almost everyday, I finally have sometime to list my new year resolutions, plan my winter trip to Japan, reading good fashion book(and Print),write some cards to my friends,join Fashion Hyper ,and of course dress up myself with my beloved clothes. 

Besides, my Intiz'Journal turned 6 years old. I was really happy about my fashion journey. I'm planning to do some "give away" for my readers who follow my blog for years, so please stay tuned for the fabulous freebies.

Well, how about you guys? Like I said time flies super fast, don't forget to do what you love,and be happy about what around you.

Necklace :: Equip Accessories

Thank you for reading //xo 

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