May 28, 2015


Flash back to my teenage uniform, wearing T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers.

Have you ever feel annoying when hear someone say something like "you shouldn't wear that. it's too young/old for you?" Well, I have and it's so annoying. Why some people have to draw a line between clothing and age?  Personally, I don't strict myself when dress up. Everything in my life can inspire the way I dress up from music,art, and even food (have you ever seen my pancake bag?) Another inspiration to the way I dress up is my teenage time when I wear printed T-shirt, jeans,sneakers, and skateboard was my preferred transportation. 

Cap:: Tokidoki x Marvel//Sunglasses ::SEED Heritage// Earrings ::LOVISA
T-Shirt::Tokidoki//Belt::Moschino//Skirt::Siam Sq.//Bag::Boyy

Last few weeks, I got a pair of Adidas x Jeremy Scott wedge sneakers in stead of my 'wish list' item, red  Pharrell x Adidas Supercolor. It weird that I have a "suit me" feeling to judge on shoes,but this awesome sneakers suit me than the wish list one,of course I love Jeremy's design. 

Listen to Nirvana's Smell like Teen Spirit make me grab this Tokidoki rock band T-Shirt and said to myself "Let's rock the day!" The outfit make me think of what I wear everyday when I was young (only no skateboard with the look). Old style look but new shoes, I'm cool with it. 

Find some inspiration to have fun with your outfit. // INTIRA


May 23, 2015


Amazing and unbelievable moment meeting Diane von Furstenberg.

Fashion lover like me always dream to meet world's famous fashion designers at least once in a life time, and 'way too far' dream going to fashion week in those fashion capitals. Meeting Diane von Furstenberg in person is a hug opportunity for me when I got the invitation from DVF Thailand to join the Grand Opening of DVF store at the Emquartier, the newest fashion and shopping destination in Bangkok.

Before meeting Diane in person, it was great to meet and chat  amazing bloggers like Gail of The Equinox Fashion, and Elise of A Piece of Elise, also Tara who I use to meet her when I visited Pomelo last year,and first meet Ramida of Style Voyage in DVF Pre-Fall'15 wrap dress. Then we all enter the hall way, waiting for the fashion show of the Fall 2015 to start. Even though  I've seen the collection before (of course via, but I love to see some of them again in live moment. Diane gorgeously introduced herself, and DVF before the show begin. I really have no idea how many time I say "OMG" to myself. 

My starstruck feeling continue when I was "really" going to meet her, like me and Diane, no one else. I can't explain how happy I am. She was one of my fashion idols whose named in many of my fashion textbooks, who appeared in my favorite fashion reality show, Project Runway (do you remember when those competitors grabbed DVF fabric in the house?). I feel like I'm dreaming,but it's true. After I've introduced myself, and expressed how glad I am to meet her, and want to be come a successful designer like her. I still remember what she said to me with her powerful and beautiful smile. "Intira, I'm glad to meet you, too. Finally you found me, and I'm sure you'll become one" . I will remember this forever. 

Dress :: Michael Kors // Blazer:: H&M Collection // Shoes ::ALDO

It was amazing to have fashion moment like that. It really inspire, and motivate me to keep doing what I love, and that's  absolutely FASHION. Thank you Diane von Furstenberg and DVF Thailand for this great fashion experience.//INTIRA

May 14, 2015

REDDDYY for Big Night

Loving Shu is (Yaz) Red

Wearing red lipstick give me a lot of feeling, confident, powerful, sexy, and of course beautiful.I don't know when exactly I love wearing red lipstick. Once I found out, I have many of them.I'm sure more than 80 percent of woman have this beauty moment. Surprisingly, I just got my first red of Shu Uemura when I walked pass by David Jones and I saw the big C'est Ah inside. I automatically know that YazbukeyXShu Uemura has arrived Australia.

 I actually wait for this fabulous collaboration line to launch since I read about it(I believe in Vogue Japan Beauty).The Yaz Red shade of rouge unlimited supreme matte lipstick, and  nail color perfectly match my dress which I will wear to meet Diane Von Furstenberg tomorrow. I don't know who saying this but "Wear red for the big night".

Stay tuned for my next journal, I better go get reddddddy! 


May 13, 2015


Good Place, Good Food, and Good Friend

Choosing one fine restaurant in Sydney is not that easy especially for 'not a foodie person' like me. So, it one of my mission to impress my bff who just moved to the city. The evening before the meeting day while I was randomly like photos on Instagram, I saw a photo of cool iced coffee, then I checked the location, also #Sydney #cafe...Bingo! my mission is completed.

Arriving The Grounds of Alexandria as walk-in customer is not a good idea. I think the garden atmosphere around the place really cool down those customers who lined up in a long queue ,but not me. So,my friend and I changed our 'plan A', having a delicious coffee and chat there to 'plan B', nice place, good food,and we hear each other when we talk. Finally, we got our table at The Potting Shed. There are many delicious menus,but I decided to order my all time favorite- a glass of the house-made raspberry lemonade,and cheeseburger (of course Australian beef)with fries.That's funny,isn't it? After the brunch, we went to the florist shop nearby where I get inspiration for my design. It was such a great afternoon, and I'm sure I'll be back to Alexandria again..C'mon it takes about twenty-something minutes by cab from Sydney.

Jacket:: Saxony// Camisole:: Gap
 Skirt ::X-Act// Belt :: H&M
Bag:: Boyy // Earring:: Lovisa
Sunglasses ::Seed Heritage // Shoes :: NU

Wish I'll be there again//xo

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