June 03, 2014


                                 Fun Experience with POMELO              

This time in Bangkok, I had an amazing experience last Thursday visiting POMELO, one of the coolest, fashion-"fast"-forward online retailer inspired by Korean street style.

I arrived the head quarter where located in the business area in the city with the warm welcome from Tara Chanapai, Pomelo's style editor who take me a tour. I'm very excited to check out (and tried on..Yayy!) the new arrival collections which designed and made in Korea (I really love the materials of the clothes). Besides those amazing collection, they were doing the photoshoot for the new arrival for this June. I snapped some of the behind the 'fashion' scene for you all here. The collection is really..really cool! Let's check them out! 

Tara C. @tchanapai | Home-the model @homehh

*This skirt is one of my favorite piece of the collection. It made of special material from Korea. 

Lastly, I have an exclusive good news for you. Pomelo kindly give me this shopping code "INTIRA300" for discount when shopping with Pomelo. Don't forget to hash tag #pomelofashion on your fabulous look as well. 



  1. Congrats my friend how cool to be a part of the awesome opportunity and the images amazing the presentation impressive.

  2. What a cool brand! Looks like you had so much fun x

    Josie’s Journal

  3. I wish I could go with you, maybe next time!

    Once again, Happy Birthday na ka P'Tikky :) <3

  4. WOW that looked amazing. I always love behind the scenes pictures, so great.

    http://petitemaisonoffashion.blogspot.com/ ♥

  5. Wow! I love your blog, you have really have great personal style. Waiting for your update.



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