November 23, 2013

Bad News!

Hello my readers and visitors,
I would like to let you know that my blog is currently has difficulty on IPhone.
Some of you may not see most of the images :(
I'm trying to figure out what' s wrong with this.
If any of you have experienced this. Please let me know, Thank you very much for your help:)


P.S. I'm not gonna quit blogging. Don't worry :)

November 22, 2013

J'adore Mon Chapeau!

Mon Chapeau Leopard

Hat :: X-Act // Sun glasses :: Sportsgirl

The other side of the world it's winter calling, but for Australia. It's almost time for summer. That's why I'm thinking to take my hat with me (it's time to go back to Australia, and

As you know, I never get enough of this print (LoL!) I hope that next time I'll have some "WILD" idea for your closet :) In the mean time that I'm not here "Dress up 'n stay fabulous".

See you soon 


November 20, 2013

Mademoiselle C


We all remember our Queen of Fashion, Anna Wintour from The September Issue years ago. This year, it's another time for another CHIC Queen, Carine Roitfeld. You need a serious fashion education if you don't know her. Anyway, I am so excited to see this movie. Actually, it launched about two months ago. My garçon Dodo and I have already order the DVDs which are now on the way.

If you love fashion,this is another movie that you can't miss,though.

Besides, I knew all of the cast in the movie than those Hollywood celebs. 


November 18, 2013

Studio Renovation Project

I need a new bedroom

According to the photo that I updated in my Instagram this afternoon, 'renovating my bedroom' (aka STUDIO) is one of my 2013 resolution whichhh is it just started (C'mon! I have another 42 days to complete this)From the picture, that NY photo which I bought from Chic Republic months ago still waiting for me to hang it on the wall.Also many of my favorite editorial are waiting to be frame, and so on so forth. I plan to remove everything except the closet out.I need it blank, then I'll make it as a 'small' sewing room and bedroom at the same place. So far, I can't figure out how it would be, but only the thing that I can do from my personal assistant's advice "DON'T MAKE ANOTHER MESS!!!"...LoL!

Stay tuned with my project..I need some interior ideas


November 16, 2013


Orange is really refreshing!

Whenever I back to my home, Bangkok. It's time for a break and of course,blog my Intiz'Journal! I fell sorry that  took half of November to visit Bermuda  and luckily I find my way back here..well, I'm totally kidding! Some of you, my beloved readers may know that I am a flight attendant. So,most of my time that I absent here, I was up there in the stratosphere. Honestly, last two weeks was horrible. I mean my health! I'm glad that all of the drama was, I'm refresh like drinking orange juice in the morning.

Talking about ORANGE, oh well..I think it's the only color that I was up to last week. I had a terrible cold..what I need are vitamin C, and sun. Lucky me,the weather in Honolulu was perfect to my mini closet. I need something really refresh..not just lying on the bed, sick, and reading fashion magazines. So, I brighten up my afternoon with this look :)

Top :: Ally//Skirt :: Uniqlo//Belt :: Steve Madden (Vintage)
Tote Bag :: Sportsgirl//Earring :: 77th Jewelry//Shoes :: Nine West


Photo by Honey B.//Edit by INTIRA
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