October 27, 2009

Anti-Gravity//Part DEUX::The Show

Across page 232, and 233, I just have time to "draft" (yeah!..only draft) what I see from Issue last Sunday:::Here..they..are:::

Last Sunday was extremely amazing for me...Even I have to rush/rush/rush to be at Central Wolrd. Waiting for the show which said 7pm onwards.....then,postponed 8 something(Anyway, I can take it,though). It was pretty good experience..I feel like I really come for fashion show:: The reception area was awesome (not too big, but really fit us; fashion people,celebs,famous Thai designers in that fashion atmosphere). When the show was about to start..we all climbed up the SF World Cinema on the 9th floor where the collection will show that evening.

I got the ring(Oops!!)..Runway-side seat..Well, it's good to see the details..it's bad to hear the models stomp on the runway ground!!!


The show begin with guy-models wear this(Well, I have no idea..how to call this kind of sweater). The first thing that come to my mind when I see the girl model is "Susie Bubble" !!!

The collection is amazing..really amazing. You can check the entire collection from Thai Catwalk. I'll leave you this fabulous finale:::

ISSUE A/W2009 Finale from Intira Udomsuk on Vimeo.

you might need a neck massage after watching//Well, sorry about it guys :-p!!!

The collection was gorgeous..I've already picked my favorites from these to my journal :-)

Meet & Greet

Remember my hyper "Dodo" from Elle?? This time,I meet him again..

and anther one, Eva S. of Vissi D'Art,Vissi D'amore..

We're friend now :-)

Amazing day of the year!!! Really thank you ThaiCatwalk,and Foxy Lody for the ticket :-)

Gotta go guys!


October 25, 2009

Anti-Gravity//Part UN::Zurrounded by

My first time for ISSUE//This entry, I have nothing much to say about the collection...a bit tired from work//delayed show....I'll leave you some of my snaps I took at the place..where us,fashion people were gathered this evening :-)

Goyard or [anti] Gravity??

I have more things to write and work on for the other part.."DEUX"..
See you tomorrow guys!!


October 16, 2009

Back row seat@Disaya

October 15,2009
Growing up and tougher
. Those smiley preppy girl looks from the last season were totally vanish from my mind my mind when I first see the first model walked out with the boxy pleated wool coat and the knee-high strappy sandals.


This season, Disaya has selected some of her collection “Celestial Warrior” To show the crowded that the woman is growing fabulously.


The collection is rich in feminine silhouette and details;The pearl trimming, black sheer see-through pieces, lace inserted boxy pleated, ruffles created great looks when combined with the main colors of the collections; black, fuchsia, mustard yellow ,and ocean blue. And of course, the Star Pattern Prints say “Follow me”

Written the Stars


Thanks for reading guys:-)

**Photo Source from ThaiCatwalk

October 15, 2009

une photo à Hermès

Once I used to dream about the Hermès scarves when Emily Charlton hit by a cab(remember that scene in the Devil wears Prada??).Well,I wanna get one..but I don't need it so far:-)

This small bright orange booth(まぶしいよ!)locate at the lower corner of the event. The brand staff asked me to take off my black jacket. "Hey man!! there's no need for that"..actually this is not what I replied to him. Well, if I said that he might tie that scarf to my neck rather than creating something fab for me.Anyway, I reject it politely to him.So,..here it is Me in the Hermès!

Enough for today guys! I have to wait for those pictures from ThaiCatwalk about the shows,pls wait for my writing pieces tomorrow. for Disaya

**Apology for the low quality cellphone cam!!**
I'll see you tomorrow :-)


Go for it..Go for E/L/L/E

Good morning at 1pm after a hard working day. “Yeah..it’s Elle Day!!”I thought to myself. .. “Should I go?” I know..thinking like this is such a looser. Have you ever felt like that when I you want something..already tried, but still don’t have it?? Then, it’s was kinda wanna give up! That was really bxllshxt!!

1.30pm:: After I finish my brunch//Skippy ‘n green apple,I realized that I should go. “Opportunity won’t deliver to your door until you open and step outside”. Who said this?? Me!!..actually thinking, though.
I have no closet plan…just wanna finish the laundry and be there ASAP. What I threw on me just lucky pieces (to get tickets to the shows..LoL!!)

About 6:45pm ..Here I am, Quiet-looked young lady who where a long tank with tiger print(Lucky key: tiger is a tough animal),B-Fendi “charm” necklace, and my first leather ankle boots..carried a thick spiral note.
“Come on!! You gotta have faith in something”…Actually, I called Elle about the info. One said, there’s some tickets available before the show like last season…Be Patience!!

MIRACLE HAPPEN..Once in a while. I’ve met Foxy Lady (just a few sec’ after I text him to say hi). Really good to see him. According to our conversation, he’s really expert..in fashion. Well, most of ThaiCatwalk’s readers have already known that. And again like last season, he gives me a ticket for 27Friday :-)

The Hyper & Mr.N/U/I ..Disaya show was about to start, Dodo, the boy who I know his words on ThaiCatwalk. He’s quirky hyper person,and his friend, Nui came over me telling ‘bout the Disaya’s Ticket……….
What happen next?? Pls read my next entry….Long reading is boring…I leave you the shoes of Dodo & Nui.

*By the way..it’s was kinda weird..Cuz I love taking pictures of what people wear(esp.shoes) than the whole look!!

Well.well..well I gotta rush for the next entry...see ya readers!


October 12, 2009


I got this pair of earring (yes!earrings!!!)yesterday from my friend. A bit heavy, but I can take...

Spend my day-off at home, tutoring my Japanese. Actually, I won't have enough time if I'm still lazy,though).


Taking abreak//Reading Thai ELLE & hHarper's Bazaar. Talking about Elle...I'm so worry that I can't find any ticket/s for the shows. I'm trying for it...CHEER ME UP GUYS!!!

**My grandma's garden treasure//she paints the duck's eyelash by herself!!
Have fun & see ya later :-)


October 11, 2009


Last...Wednesday, I was waiting to see the LV live show on the facebook.When the first look appeared on the runway...I first looking at the huge Afro wig//thinking that "it's cute!" then...thinking again "Vuitton??"..The collection is "pretty confusing", but I do like it,though!


there are so many details on LV this season...from that giant wig down to the fur bottom,tassels,sporty 'n army details....I really have no idea how to combine LV in one word..Hmm!!


Continue to another page, I really like the skirt (one in the middle)..


Yeah..this is behind the journal short. I woke up 9 o'clock today, sitting with the 'bed-head' hairdo..and decide to do something with the collection. It's difficult to choose 10 out of 55 looks. Actually I like more than 10, but my journal fit only that amount..so I have to go for it....


October 07, 2009

Do you have some changes??

Hey guys!! I'm back...even it's my short return/'cuz I have about 10 mins to blog here before I'm getting ready to go to work....Well, How do you feel about Paris so far??? Anyway....My journal has nothing much to update, but I got new accesory for my treasure box//T..a..daa...!!

I have no reason why I like it...cuz I just like it!! It remind me when I was a child. I asked my Mom to buy a bracelet which made from the Thai 50 Stang coins as the souvenir..but she didn't buy it for me!!! Anyway...I have been wearing this bracelet more often than the others...not because of French realted thing,but I like when it makes some noise!!!..

It's 10:36 am.now...I gotta go!!

**By the way...I might do some update tonight/&/trying to finish my previous stuff..wait for them s'il vous plait

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