October 15, 2009

Go for it..Go for E/L/L/E

Good morning at 1pm after a hard working day. “Yeah..it’s Elle Day!!”I thought to myself. .. “Should I go?” I know..thinking like this is such a looser. Have you ever felt like that when I you want something..already tried, but still don’t have it?? Then, it’s was kinda wanna give up! That was really bxllshxt!!

1.30pm:: After I finish my brunch//Skippy ‘n green apple,I realized that I should go. “Opportunity won’t deliver to your door until you open and step outside”. Who said this?? Me!!..actually thinking, though.
I have no closet plan…just wanna finish the laundry and be there ASAP. What I threw on me just lucky pieces (to get tickets to the shows..LoL!!)

About 6:45pm ..Here I am, Quiet-looked young lady who where a long tank with tiger print(Lucky key: tiger is a tough animal),B-Fendi “charm” necklace, and my first leather ankle boots..carried a thick spiral note.
“Come on!! You gotta have faith in something”…Actually, I called Elle about the info. One said, there’s some tickets available before the show like last season…Be Patience!!

MIRACLE HAPPEN..Once in a while. I’ve met Foxy Lady (just a few sec’ after I text him to say hi). Really good to see him. According to our conversation, he’s really expert..in fashion. Well, most of ThaiCatwalk’s readers have already known that. And again like last season, he gives me a ticket for 27Friday :-)

The Hyper & Mr.N/U/I ..Disaya show was about to start, Dodo, the boy who I know his words on ThaiCatwalk. He’s quirky hyper person,and his friend, Nui came over me telling ‘bout the Disaya’s Ticket……….
What happen next?? Pls read my next entry….Long reading is boring…I leave you the shoes of Dodo & Nui.

*By the way..it’s was kinda weird..Cuz I love taking pictures of what people wear(esp.shoes) than the whole look!!

Well.well..well I gotta rush for the next entry...see ya readers!


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