October 12, 2009


I got this pair of earring (yes!earrings!!!)yesterday from my friend. A bit heavy, but I can take...

Spend my day-off at home, tutoring my Japanese. Actually, I won't have enough time if I'm still lazy,though).


Taking abreak//Reading Thai ELLE & hHarper's Bazaar. Talking about Elle...I'm so worry that I can't find any ticket/s for the shows. I'm trying for it...CHEER ME UP GUYS!!!

**My grandma's garden treasure//she paints the duck's eyelash by herself!!
Have fun & see ya later :-)



  1. Same here! I'm trying to find the ticket to ELLE fashion week too! Sadly that i have to go out of town during the weekend that means i will miss a lot of interesting shows T_T
    Goodluck for our quest for the tickets ! ;)

    BTW, I really love your Tinkerbell mug! I got a thing about this little fairy.She steals all my attention from other items! hahaha

  2. oh yes! you reading Harper's BAZAAR!!

    Pan's Holiday


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