May 31, 2009


Finally, it's the last day of May//but//it's the first time to launch my INTIZ' first surreal piece of accessory. [Big smile!!]


This accessory inspired by my TOUGH which come from(tough time to create INTIZ,investment,fashion design skill) ,another inspiration for this accessory is a 'GOOD LUCK CHARM' since I saw the Taiwanese Drama, Mars,the cuff that Vic gives to Barbie (Episode3..I think).../but that cuff look totally different (cuz I'm not a copy person!).It's simply/tough/and unisex:-)

*Quality leather//Stainless steel w/ logo*

*There two colors::BLACK(off course!) and Dark brown

*UNISEX accessory//anyone can wear it

Price: $15//Made to order//Ship internationally (excluded with the price) your order to my email guys//I'll reply the payment policy to your mail :-)

Well, I have no idea where I put a sketch of this cuff..I'll update to you when I found it,OK??

Finally, my Intiz..make a little step(LoL!!)

May 30, 2009


There is always good actually very good news,and bad news in the fashion universe.Sadly, my favorite Lacroix is one of the Victim :-(

Yesterday morning,I read about the article onThaiCatwalk+ the news in the International herald Tribune (in the messy corner of my bedroom//as in the pic' above]...A little bit shock,though...Why it has to be Lacroix!? His Haute Couture is extremely amazing!!!

Anyway,...Wish Lacroix for good luck guys!!!


May 28, 2009


Recently, I'm trying to finish my pre-fall best looks before the new season will start soon.A cup of mocca last night can't make me awake neither stay up,but more sleepy instead...[how weird!!] Anyway,I'll try to finish the 58 designers in the list across page 153 of my journal.

My half way stucked at LOEWE..

Love these TOUGH CHIC looks//the ostrich skinned boots are fab to me[please click for a bigger vision :-)]:::

Thanks courtesy pictures from Style:-) and looks combined by Me

May 27, 2009


It has been a long time...Sickness made me sick and take..take...and take the rest [cuz a doctor said so!] During those previous days I've done with many things.Let's talk about my scholarship thingie...

I do have a good news to tell y'all that I did get a contact back from RDI. The school considered me for the scholarship.Well, I'm happy to hear that!Then..I did think that "Did I prove enough for this?"...

Oh!! By the way, these fashion items below are what I have done on the exam//I did a quick drawing last Saturday::

After I did contact back to the school,my problem solved...
The school will pay THB50,000 scholarship on the last semester of the 3 years program-which means I have to pay 90% of it!!!....(Sigh!!)

Well, a little bit disappointed...but I'm alright. Everything is done for the scholarship matter..So, now, I live happily//independently//with my self-learning fashion design...Ha~!! That's the way it is!!


May 21, 2009

Got the licen$e

Good news..

Finally,IFB approved my Intiz'Journal..Feel good to have the new badge on my blog.It's my blogging license.
Thank you so much you readers from all over the world :-)


May 19, 2009

Venezia/the new Dest'

Ciao tutti!! Oh~!!I've been busy/busy/and busy these tired!! Ok..have to stop whining and back to my journal(which has been slept in my bag for a few days)! Finally,there are something to write down....No! It should be stick them down..

INTIZ'JOURNAL [P.144-145]:::

These are the best one-twelve that I like..[sorry,there's no time for computer art work]actually you can check out the entire collection,though.

Actually I have hear the news from Venice quite often'cuz my sister lives there!!...Anyway,I remember that there's Salma Hayek's wedding [not that long time ago]...and this Chanel's Resort'10...Well,what about next??

**I really have no idea about shopping in Venice.I'll ask my sis for some cool shopping spots for ya [if she has time to answer!]..But one thing you have to shop there are the masquerade & the Murano glass..

Masquerade(from Sis)by La Machera del Galeone

Gotta go guys!..."CIAO..CIAO":-)

May 16, 2009

Think Pink//Think Positive

Today,I've done with the scholarship exam..[sigh!!]I was kinda difficult.Well,it's quite confidential, so,I couldn't say what was it...but I'll try to tell you...but how!? Let me figure out...I'll tell you all,soon....Besides,I'm not sure that..I'll pass,or not...worry..worry...worry!! If I got a phone call for the interview next week.............I'll bring the good news:-)

**By the way, I'm going to be busy from tomorrow..I'll try to post more if I have time. Thank you readers :-)

May 13, 2009



May 12, 2009


I know that to be a designer, just sketching is not enough,but..I love sketching...I don't know I have to say this word from now on....well, I mean.....have you ever felt like when you drawing//not copying//your own can see the clothes..details..motion..and whatever you can imagine?That's a long question!!.Anyway,my question is how come you turn that sketch/sketches to the real clothes...and get exactly what you have designed...??

Well, I don't know how to explain this exactly...I show you this:::

I can't remember how many time I watch this again//again//and again..Besides,this is my favorite part. I do remember that it's the first time to see KL without glasses!!

I think I'll have something to do tomorrow...:-)

May 10, 2009

Greeting to Susie:-)

Whenever, nobody is home and it's my day-off. I spend my time for the doggy sister..again!! Reading mags//Listening to Hlong snored during his afternoon nap//Watching movie//and reading cool people's blog.

Begin with Style Bubble 'cuz I just see Susie on this Thai Elle (p.190):::

"I was extremely surprise to see this!!":::::

...."that's my blog!!...wait!....Susie reads it!?....Oohw!..That's awesome!!"

and this is how I would like to say big "Thank you" to her :-)

6pm: PICK HER LOOK//My favorite::

6:15pm::begin sketching

*Need help for//Jacket*

*Skirt Part//Kind of hard::
To copy other's design is difficult...this bottom skirt is the example!

....Ok..I'll try to do it!

7pm::Take a break!!!

Well,I tried to find the color that close to the real one....It's risky to do water color(I'm totally 'screw' with it..if I try!)....

8:30pm:Dinner//Short break//continue coloring:::until 10pm::

**the rest hour after that, I have to finish up...I wanna do 'rendering'....but I don't know how to do it!!? Hmm~Poor Tikki!!

11:20 pm: I think I'm done!

....Keep the stuff//Put it in the folio....

That's how it done!!~So,another practice(good practice) for today..I've send to her,already..Hope she like it,though:-)

Tomorrow, have to back to work..(!!)
wish me luck guys:-)

May 09, 2009

Work out...

10:30 am.:: I got a call to pick up this

@ a book store.........On the way to go to work, I get Elle & Cosmo.So,just imagine how pathetic I carry this stack of books & magazines::

Besides, the hot weather makes it heavier 'n heavier..Ha~!!Felt like I finish my gym class when I get to my work place.

2:00 pm.::Front Office Afternoon shift briefing//I got this:::

Fact: "I really listen to what my boss was saying..":-)

10:45 pm.: Check all work and reports//I got this:::

Question: What am I going to draw in the exam???

Wish me Luck guys!!!
xoxo, Tikki

May 07, 2009

When the door is open...:-)

One of the best thing to become a fashion designer (or any kind of career),always fine an opportunity for yourself; a competition (even I just got a polite rejection that my design didn’t pass through the preliminary round.) …what else…. free workshop….fashion exhibition….fashion week…tradfair..etc..etc. It’s experience..c’mon!!

I got this email from Raffles Design Institute::::::::

Translation:::Success by Design

Raffle international College provides scholarship more than 1,000,000 baht (about$287,770) for those who interested in Fashion Design & Fashion Marketing.

For more information and exam reservation (until May 15),please dial.....
*Admission free*

:::Well, I'm excited,but afraid at the same time. It's going to be tough...but I have one week to practice my drawing..(sigh!!)Just wish me luck for it :-)

May 06, 2009

The Fashion Show.

Lucky for American people that 'The Fashion Show', another fashion reality show from Bravo TV, and host by Isaac Mizrahi & another two judges; Kelly Rowland,and Fern Mallis ..and it's first episode will air tomorrow (-__-")!!

Here's a short preview I found from You Tube::::

I have to be patience ...and wait for those uploaded videos.Thanks for whoever will put them in You Tube:-)

One day with A Day

Even I have two days-off,but it doesn't seems like I have free time...Hmm...
Today,I have to be a doggy sister again cuz my grandmother went to visit someone...I can't let myself go enjoy shooting a fashion exhibition, and let my fatty Hlong(he's sick) home alone!!!

Project Runway 4 DVD//Chinese food//and 'a day'..probably OK for me :-)

A Day is no a fashion magazine,but it's kinda Art & Inspiration magazine. Honestly, I buy this one (last moth) for the first issue:::::

Remember once, I told you about the Flynow show??? This is another part of them.

:::Fashion Designers' Hobby:::

*The Sretsis' Sisters*

Oh..and this is interesting:::

This is actually true in the fashion world.On the left side is just a simply T-shirt (99 Baht), but on the other side, when there's a brand name on it...Price is totally ten times.Who will make the decision to buy the left or the right??? Of course, US!!! So, spend safely :-)

May 02, 2009

Jumpsuits do//Jumpsuits don't

Apology that I disappear from the blog for awhile. Finally, my May just begin...
My office got the May issue ofElle UK delivered last week...I take first priority as a "fashion luvvaaa" take it home :: read & look........and today,I returned it back to the department.....Disappeared,already!!!

Anyway,before I return it...I jotted some editorial of....who??....Umm...someone..about the Jumpsuit....Across my Intiz' Journal page 131:::

My correction//on No.4 of the 'Do' part:: Buy a jumpsuit wherever you like, and it suits you..Doesn't matter how high street it is..Take what you can afford :-)

Here is some examples from the Spring runway trend on the Jumpsuit(and on Gucci romper that I love):::::

These Lacoste jumpsuits(also rompers) are pretty comfy/sporty as well::::

**Well, there are two days working..I have to go to bed now guys
xoxo, Tikki
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