May 19, 2009

Venezia/the new Dest'

Ciao tutti!! Oh~!!I've been busy/busy/and busy these tired!! Ok..have to stop whining and back to my journal(which has been slept in my bag for a few days)! Finally,there are something to write down....No! It should be stick them down..

INTIZ'JOURNAL [P.144-145]:::

These are the best one-twelve that I like..[sorry,there's no time for computer art work]actually you can check out the entire collection,though.

Actually I have hear the news from Venice quite often'cuz my sister lives there!!...Anyway,I remember that there's Salma Hayek's wedding [not that long time ago]...and this Chanel's Resort'10...Well,what about next??

**I really have no idea about shopping in Venice.I'll ask my sis for some cool shopping spots for ya [if she has time to answer!]..But one thing you have to shop there are the masquerade & the Murano glass..

Masquerade(from Sis)by La Machera del Galeone

Gotta go guys!..."CIAO..CIAO":-)

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