May 29, 2017


Belt is one of those essential accessories that I love to bring at least one in my luggage every time when I travel. It could give your looks some extra mile. I give you some tips, if you bought one simple long tank top dress.Instead of wearing the dress alone and look like you're wearing PJ dress, if you put one belt matching with shoes and a little more of accessories.Voila! You're ready to go.

This trip I bring the belt which gives me some extra mile length. I remember once I first saw it in Zara store display,I rush to the store  and get one without thinking that I'm only 5ft3. This is the first time I put it on.

This look,it was my flights trip to Perth.My cabin crew friends and I have no idea what we should do in the city.So we walk around Elizabeth Quay, I found this wall with  merry-go-round horses. I knew exactly it goes so well with my looks today. I easily matched my typo' tshirt, with stripes high waisted pants,adding my super-long leather belt which I'm sure they go well together. If you follow me on my Instagram, you probably knows my "high waisted goes with wedges" tips from my Instagram story how to make yourself look taller.So, I choose these Streetball Jeremy Scott sneakers to complete it...and again,Voila! I'm ready to go. 

T-shirt:: HM// Pants:: Misty Mynx//Belt:: ZARA//Bag::Boyy
//Sneakers:: Adidas Original//Sunglasses::Seed Heritage
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