May 27, 2009


It has been a long time...Sickness made me sick and take..take...and take the rest [cuz a doctor said so!] During those previous days I've done with many things.Let's talk about my scholarship thingie...

I do have a good news to tell y'all that I did get a contact back from RDI. The school considered me for the scholarship.Well, I'm happy to hear that!Then..I did think that "Did I prove enough for this?"...

Oh!! By the way, these fashion items below are what I have done on the exam//I did a quick drawing last Saturday::

After I did contact back to the school,my problem solved...
The school will pay THB50,000 scholarship on the last semester of the 3 years program-which means I have to pay 90% of it!!!....(Sigh!!)

Well, a little bit disappointed...but I'm alright. Everything is done for the scholarship matter..So, now, I live happily//independently//with my self-learning fashion design...Ha~!! That's the way it is!!


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