May 10, 2009

Greeting to Susie:-)

Whenever, nobody is home and it's my day-off. I spend my time for the doggy sister..again!! Reading mags//Listening to Hlong snored during his afternoon nap//Watching movie//and reading cool people's blog.

Begin with Style Bubble 'cuz I just see Susie on this Thai Elle (p.190):::

"I was extremely surprise to see this!!":::::

...."that's my blog!!...wait!....Susie reads it!?....Oohw!..That's awesome!!"

and this is how I would like to say big "Thank you" to her :-)

6pm: PICK HER LOOK//My favorite::

6:15pm::begin sketching

*Need help for//Jacket*

*Skirt Part//Kind of hard::
To copy other's design is difficult...this bottom skirt is the example!

....Ok..I'll try to do it!

7pm::Take a break!!!

Well,I tried to find the color that close to the real one....It's risky to do water color(I'm totally 'screw' with it..if I try!)....

8:30pm:Dinner//Short break//continue coloring:::until 10pm::

**the rest hour after that, I have to finish up...I wanna do 'rendering'....but I don't know how to do it!!? Hmm~Poor Tikki!!

11:20 pm: I think I'm done!

....Keep the stuff//Put it in the folio....

That's how it done!!~So,another practice(good practice) for today..I've send to her,already..Hope she like it,though:-)

Tomorrow, have to back to work..(!!)
wish me luck guys:-)

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