May 28, 2015


Flash back to my teenage uniform, wearing T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers.

Have you ever feel annoying when hear someone say something like "you shouldn't wear that. it's too young/old for you?" Well, I have and it's so annoying. Why some people have to draw a line between clothing and age?  Personally, I don't strict myself when dress up. Everything in my life can inspire the way I dress up from music,art, and even food (have you ever seen my pancake bag?) Another inspiration to the way I dress up is my teenage time when I wear printed T-shirt, jeans,sneakers, and skateboard was my preferred transportation. 

Cap:: Tokidoki x Marvel//Sunglasses ::SEED Heritage// Earrings ::LOVISA
T-Shirt::Tokidoki//Belt::Moschino//Skirt::Siam Sq.//Bag::Boyy

Last few weeks, I got a pair of Adidas x Jeremy Scott wedge sneakers in stead of my 'wish list' item, red  Pharrell x Adidas Supercolor. It weird that I have a "suit me" feeling to judge on shoes,but this awesome sneakers suit me than the wish list one,of course I love Jeremy's design. 

Listen to Nirvana's Smell like Teen Spirit make me grab this Tokidoki rock band T-Shirt and said to myself "Let's rock the day!" The outfit make me think of what I wear everyday when I was young (only no skateboard with the look). Old style look but new shoes, I'm cool with it. 

Find some inspiration to have fun with your outfit. // INTIRA



  1. Lookung beautiful great outfit and those shoes rock.

  2. Very cool Look

    FOLLOW my Blog!!! Maybe we can follow each other!!!

  3. You can wear whatever you like because I believe that that's how we all are happy in that way :) Love you

  4. Those shoes are so unique!

    Have a great day,

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