May 14, 2015

REDDDYY for Big Night

Loving Shu is (Yaz) Red

Wearing red lipstick give me a lot of feeling, confident, powerful, sexy, and of course beautiful.I don't know when exactly I love wearing red lipstick. Once I found out, I have many of them.I'm sure more than 80 percent of woman have this beauty moment. Surprisingly, I just got my first red of Shu Uemura when I walked pass by David Jones and I saw the big C'est Ah inside. I automatically know that YazbukeyXShu Uemura has arrived Australia.

 I actually wait for this fabulous collaboration line to launch since I read about it(I believe in Vogue Japan Beauty).The Yaz Red shade of rouge unlimited supreme matte lipstick, and  nail color perfectly match my dress which I will wear to meet Diane Von Furstenberg tomorrow. I don't know who saying this but "Wear red for the big night".

Stay tuned for my next journal, I better go get reddddddy! 


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