June 18, 2009


One at work call me this morning to edit the choreography routine of the front office performance for the staff party....I didn't do the choreography since I was a cheerleader at my uni....Anyway, I did say 'yes' without thinking...[no big deal just edit it,right??]

2 something in the afternoon...@ the back office// I was lil' bit moody cuz all of them are 'late'...Gosh!! So..blogging is a good way to killing the time to wait.
travelling to SOS

This is totally cool//and//almost coincident to me(mind are leather & plastic instead of silver,though)....

Thing is, I did wear this D&G which I borrowed from my bro in the same side, but I changed my mind few minutes,ago!!

well...well...well..where are they????

talk to y'all soon...XOXO,Tikki

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