February 08, 2009


Going out on Sunday gimme headache especially going shopping-it's crowded.So, I prefer myself staying at home and catch up some reading..Of course, magazine.

I spot a cool plastic ring model at the right corner of page 10 in the Japanese Zipper magazine.

So..now I know what I'm going to write in the journal as my new [WISH LIST]

Finally got that part, stick to my journal, and start finding out about these cute'n rave style ring.

Well, actually..it remind me thinking of my brother's toy when he was in the kindergarten, before he know the Nintendo game,though!!

::Intiz Journal (P.88):

Ok..it's time to fine out about the ring...oh ring!!
I was searching..searching ..and search due to the name in the magazine said "PLAEING"...but it didn't work out. Luckily, my Japanese wasn't that bad...it gave me many results..All I need to do just..translating it!!

I visited Clunky Design, to read more.....

By the way, these plastic model ring named PLARING...not PLAEING!!

As the Plaring, there are 3 designs::Bunshee robot, Poko Helmet, and the Fury circles ring. For the size, there 're No.9-11..What else!?..Oh! In the model kits, there are 7 colors..so, you probably have fun the change the color..

It's cool ,isn't it!? Well, if you looking forward to buy (like me),please go to http://shop.pingmag.jp/clunkydesign/. I might go to hit the rave shop in town...hope I can fine one,though....

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