February 09, 2009

Be Serious!!

Happy Birthday Sister...

After writing her Facebook's Wall. I locked myself in the room about 20 hrs!!
I got the news from ThaiCatwalk today about the Young Designer Competition this year.

Of course,I will apply myself to this competition..no matter I'm going to win or lose. The concept is "MAKE IT TREND:THAI UNLIMITED"..Then my head was like a computer when it has many windows pop on the screen when it hangs!!..But I don't know what I should start...Creating 3 collections; Woman,Man,and Children..3 designs for each collection. For someone,this might be a piece of cake, but it is a huge rock for me!!

Besides, it is challenging,but durable~I have to get these done before the end of April!!

Well, I was blur..actually 'headache' I don't have any experience related to fashion design competition..How can I start my self with these such things?!

~I look at the picture of Aggy & Jean Paul Gaultier,and concentrate....

Finally my 'dumb' head realized when I saw a stack of fashion books I have write about at N//E//R//D

So,I grabbed 'The Fundamentals of Fashion Design' to help me.


Research means::
Creative investigation,and good design can't happen without some form of research.


Research takes two forms.
First is sourcing material and practical elements.
Second is 'the kind you make once you've found a theme or concept for use in your design. Themes can be personal,abstract, or more literal.

[Sources:The Fundamentals of Fashion Design,Richard Sorger & Jenny Udale,Start Your Research (page.16)]
Wish me Luck,xoxo!!

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