February 03, 2009

Bangkok Boring Item..No.2

I have 24 golden hours means I have one day-off from my work..plz remember!! I begin my day,..early day with the least favorite routine, "Laundry"!! I hate to say, but I have to do it before I go out for something about fashion which I really don't know...exactly..what it's going to be..LoL!!

Heading to the fashion center of the city, Siam Square...Ok..when I got there,first i sit & sip a glass of Sour-Apple bubble tea..while spotting people with nice cool look,or cool accessories......15 minutes to wait there..is killing my time.Actually I think I have something to write about today.."THE MOST BORING ITEMS".I wrote this article down to my note quickly,then start to walk..walk..and walk..'til my feet in those quilted sneakers feel tired.

Ok::: Here is page 81 of my Intiz' Journal..Plz look 'n read the warning :-)

So..If you have yours..which look like this:::

Keep them or wear them (But don't let me see it!) LoL!!
*Let's see what is the "Bangkok Boring Item" Winner...tomorrow:-)

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