February 23, 2009


Sometime~Afternoon~After Christopher Kane!
I take my 'eyes break' from the laptop screen after done with those New York and some new LDN, back to Lily Donaldson on Vogue UK. By the way, there are eight magazines on the long wooden chair,why I pick her again??

Seems like there's new items that I'm going to dye (or...will buy)

Turn page 135::

~Oh! It's going to match my jeans!!
Before I'm going to close the Vogue,UK..This Karl Lagerfeld tee stop me again!

It's £79 on Net-A-Porter!! Let's see what's going to happen soon!

This is the conversation I have with the bro (brother).Let's see how we love each other :-)

Brother: What'a matter?
Me: Nothing I just reading the mag'.
Bro: Reading? Why you read that much?
Me: Why you watch 'American Best Dance Crew' that much?
Bro: Improving my skill.
Me: Same answer!!*I'm a nice sister~Plz believe me!*

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