September 30, 2015

A Happy 5'3"

Another long walk day,but happy at last :)

Sep 30,15//9:06 PM//Brisbane

I love wearing flat on a long walk day,and this week I walked a lot (not include the time that I have to do my job in the aircraft). In the past, I was really go for high heels no matter how painful of the walking situation,and at the end those fabulous shoes give me at least one blister (I called it a 'shoes hicky'). 

Today, I had to forget about my pairs of high heels at home because all I need is the most comfortable shoes that could take me to the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane (aka GOMA). If you are one of my follower, you'll probably know I love to visit art gallery. It's the place where I can see amazing and incredible pieces of art. 

About forty minutes walk up and down the street, I finally make my way to the place.Thanks to Google Map for some idea,and those local people who tell me the right direction (well, I 'm not so good at reading map). 

Robert Macpherson | The Painter's Reach

When art meets fashion is always perfect. Just like these four paintings of Monica Rohan. They are my most favorite (may be because I want those dresses to be real). Besides, floral print is still "IN" until Spring/Summer 2016, so I think this is the lovely idea for floral lover.

Monica Rohan||From above:: Yeah Right Ok,2014||
Bluster,2015|| Jumble,2105||Over-reacting,2015
Naomi Hobson |Grass Seed Rain,2015
It take me for awhile to choose my photos of the pieces that I really like from this amazing trip to the gallery.I got a lot of #INspiration and yes,happy to share this journal to you all. Everything around you might turn to something amazing, even though my feet was getting a little bit sore afterward,but you know what they say? No Pain,no gain.Talking about gain, I just gain another pair of leopard high heels on the way I walked back to my place. C'mon..I was a 5'3" almost almost afternoon! Is that a good excuse?!!..LoL ;)

See you next journal//xo



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