January 21, 2009


For a person who has no experience about fashion, just go to fashion weeks, and analyze the runway trends are not the thing that enough to be a designer. So, reading fashion books (not magazines) is kinda of a must thing to do, so I possibly know my directions.

I select my favorite books.I'm still reading them,try to understand those lessons..and practice something is my own ways..

NO.1 ::The Fundamentals of Fashion Design, by Richard Sorger & Jenny Udale
It's a good start to know the basic.

NO.2 ::The Fashion Designer Survival Guide.Start and Run Your Own Fashion Business::
So good to read this book. There are many advises from both the writer, and leading designers of the world.

I got this book last year. My mom paid for the book at first place (;-p)In the book, there are many silhouette of the clothing..so you know exactly how to call, one piece of clothe.

NO.4 ::Fashion Brands.by Mark Tungate:: His researches are awesome. I gained many things from this book even I have the Thai edition.I do understand what he try to tell and teach at the same time. Besides, I learn some fashion history from his research as well.

NO.5::BORN TO BE FASHION DESIGNER::This book has only Thai Edition because the book represents Leading Thai designers. It is inspired book to know their different background but same passion in fashion.

After I almost with them.I think I'll try to buy more..I know that there are not many space in my room.What can I do?! Just go for it!!LoL!!

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