January 27, 2009

First Haute Couture S/S 2009::CHRISTIAN DIOR::

Haute Couture..for me, it's incredible and precious!! This season the Haute Couture begin by Christian Dior. My wizard Galliano spelled Dior to the feeling of...Romantic!!This is what I feel when I have seen the complete collection.

"Flemish painters and Monsieur Dior" inspired Galliano to create this incredible haute couture collection of Spring/Summer 2009.The cut,silhouette,and details are so RICH..LUXURY..and of course my first feeling, ROMANTIC.

I'm lazy to upload the pictures of the complete collection,so I made a slide show.

Thank you for the photo credit from ELLE,STYLE.com

Let me begin with the top part,the Head.....so incredible,how come the firece hair style look softer?!.....Check out the Rope 'n the head accessories!

Gxsh!!I think,I should make a slide..don't want you to scroll down to the end..why waste time,right??!!

Ok..Go on with the BUST::WAIST::SKIRT

Down low to the bottom..

One idea before I go, in my journal..I wrote "Mention the Wedding gown!!"..Ok..These are what I'm talking about..


There are more Haute Couture for me to catch up tomorrow..If I'm not that busy...

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