January 30, 2009

Finally Final!

Ok..!!Finally, it's the last day of the Haute Couture this Spring -Summer. So, I have to get all the pictures of the runway looks(plus details) from Style.com on my PC. Well,..actually I save every single collection of each season, of each designer in my PC. For whom who doesn't know why I'm doing this. Let me tell ya!!The reason is not just I write about it in Intiz' Journal, but watching or checking the collections, you can see many things from them...then you'll those details, silhouettes,colors,and so on would be appear in those pages of 'trend' spread in the fashion magazines.......Anyway..Shall we start??

"SHE'S RICH!" After Valentino retired himself from the runway, I was a little bit sad to see the way he creates his collection. This season of the haute couture,I really happy to see this collection with some Valentino' bases...


Fan-pleated::Bejeweled::Embroidered::and The Bow

One last for the ELEGANCE SHOES..

:::::Jean Paul Gaultier:::::
The lady in Valentino Couture, and the lady in Jean Paul Gautier Couture are totally different!! Can they stand next to each other (LoL)??
How clever he is?? At first I look at the collection..I can't figure out much what inspired him to create this collection..,but I do know that those fine-lined has something hides behind the print.The review of Sarah Mower(of Style.com) solves it, Those are the patterns that used on bank notes!! Ahh!!! Then, I take many currency bank notes to see that it's true or not...

There are many incredibly detail in his couture...I can't explain them all...Let's take a closer look!!


:::::Elie Saab:::::
Pale & Pastel tones of chiffon blended with Swarovski crytal,Draped-detail makes Elie Saab is elegance as usual.

Let's see what I like the most for Elie Saab::
ONE: Draping..Draping..and Draping


[Sigh!!]Finally! Fabulous,Amazing,Sophisticated..and so on,but I'm wondering..why those shows finish with their finale on the bride gown..Is that the Haute Couture new tradition?? If you know,plz let me know..
Gxsh!! I feel myself like a cellphone which has very low battery power!! Let me charge my energy..I'll be right Back ;-)

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