January 26, 2013


Postcard on Saturday

So far, I'm up to one color look, you can see from my Vitamin C journal when I was in Hawaii last week. This evening, I went out for Caramel cream frappuccino and cinnamon roll at Starbucks, have a Vogue talk with my close friend. 

Sorry that I don't have much time to snap for a whole look( I was almost one hour late behind.)Well, basically..just a white dress which I'll show you later, and this cat cap, and my beloved scarf :

Cat Cap :: Intiz'Zelection//Scarf :: Louis Vuitton by Yayoi Kusama

Try your favorite color, well..."Just One"(Color blocks is unnecessary for this moment)..and match them up in the same way. You will like it, I'm sure. If you're not confident with it..let's try two. Hey! How about my colors, Red and White:) Have fun with your closet. I'll see you next journal. In the mean time, have a fabulous weekend, and ALWAYS DRESS UP!!


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  1. Hi sweetie, thank you! I'm loving the cap you've got there!


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