October 01, 2012


Jacket :: H&M
Studded Clutch :: Sportsgirl
Bag :: BOYY
Cap :: Tokidoki for Marvel
Jeans :: Calvin Klein Jeans
Personally, I think that wearing the same clothes with same style is pretty boring for me. So, I begin my October with the 'Tough chic' look like a rocker. Besides, I have lots of Black things to match the look!

I really like this Tokidoki cap..which I got from Animation store in Hawaii months ago.
Besides, I also like rock music, I listen to The Yers..one of the Thai rock band \m/

Well, I don't have that much time for blog..hope to see you soon next time. Remember, don't be afraid to try new thing..you may like it. Just give yourself a try ,ok?? Fashion is fun..trust me :)

Thank you for reading


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