October 15, 2012

Elle Fashion Week A/W 12 Diary# Part 1

Finally, one of the most important fashion event of the year like Elle Fashion Week is fabulously finish with the fabulous show from the last designer, Milin.

Milin A/W2012 Finale

Talking about Milin, I have a chance to have a photograph with the designer, Milin Yuvacharuskul. Personally, I really like the brand for a long long time.It's such an amazing memory to meet her. 

Me & Milin Yuvacharuskul

The first day at Elle was very well..There's two designers on the schedule which are Playhound, and 27 Friday. These are some of my picture that I captured from my video and uploaded on my Instagram.

Playhound A/W 2012 Finale

 27 Friday A/W2012 Final

This is the video from Bangkok's Scene by Paul Hutton about this collection..thank you for sharing :)


There are five shows with ten designers(or more..LoL!) for today, and the event finished late until midnight of the next day..I was sleepy a little after all those shows, but felt good!!

The first show of day three, 
Fashion Fresh Faces: Kwankao & Purinutt

Video from Bangkok's Scene by Paul Hutton

Kwankao A/W2012 Finale

Video from Bangkok's Scene by Paul Hutton

I'll continue my diary soon please wait for it.
Thank you for your reading :)



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