July 19, 2009

Page 178 'n a little renovation!!

4:08 am//Sitting in front of the laptop..frustrated!!

When my head is kinda 'empty of inspiration-empty brain actually'...then,I can't sketch happily(hard to explain the feeling..but something like that..).

Then, I preferred reading.It's my easy way out. So, I get some of those books..Spent hours 'n hours...So,this is what happen in the journal across page 178:::

Agree or Disagree?

By the way, the only thing,I feel good about is this booties. I thought about a pair of cowboy boots...and the shoe that I like, so this is the result..
just a rough sketch..I'll make it more neat,though.

Last thing, some of you who have been read my journal will probably recognize the banner, and the simple white template. I love the old polka dots, but I have no idea how to get the banner up there...tried to fixed it...(get moody again) so, I made up my decision to this............Besides, the banner is my real hand writing:-)

As my little Intiz Journal is getting older,and older....I put some COACH [POPPY]stickers that I got from the VOGUE NIPPON..Just make it nicer,that's it!!


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