July 05, 2009

Big GirL....Don't Cry-__-!!!!

Late afternoon, I talked with my new friend. She told me that what she wears is simple top,and jeans(count me in darling...the most comfy,and quick to be ready to work for me..LoL!!). "I don't know what to wear..because I'm FAT"..."No,you're not!"....I know one might think I was lie...probably not(considered her size.) So, I think I should write some thingsomething to tell my reader who has experience to think about this F.A.T. matter!!!.....

As,I used to say that there's no rule in fashion//nothing right//nothing wrong//Wear your clothes with confidence//right place//right time//you'll look beautiful.

So,don't let those XL,XXL screw your beauty..

I randomly search pictures on google...tried to find the good look/s one/or more. Here it is//the examples:

* I don't recommend something tight.

* Horizontal line//stripes//equals size expansion.

* Next time, don't pick the biggest size on the rack (you feel sure that that one cover you enough..but it could be LOOSEy//LOSer, try the one that perfectly fit(not tight)..

* For those who gives up for HIGH LABELS//why don't you try to play fun with accessories instead.

* Shoes with high heels probably increase your height, but wear it regularly..it effects health:Remember! Beauty + Healthy!

* Don't compare yourself with one who is different,you can have your idol who is (for examples)skinny,nice legs,fashionista..blah..blah..blah, but you can't be the idol cloning.Just be yourself..

* Maxi skirt is not what suit you all the time.How about pencil skirt? If you are dreaming for mini skirt....Wake up!? Make the length of a skirt a lil'bit higher up..

Kiss goodbye X/XL/XXL,and XXX,but XOXO your body...
Have fun with the closet experiment :-)


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