March 17, 2009

I'm not a Plastic Bag...but a paper Chanel Bag.

I'm not writing something about eco-friendly. If you think;

* Chanel is one of your favorite brand
* The classic Chanel 2.55 is your "future" item on the wish list
* Shop Chanel cosmetics quite often (like me)

So, carrying a paper Chanel bag is one you can do..on the street. I sometimes carry a cute paper bag with go to shopping (small shopping)..and I might randomly see in Bangkok.

*This paper bag is not a fashion item...but you might have a better look on your easy day...went you go out somewhere.....

If you would like a pricey shopping bag//these Chanel Spring 2009,The Essential,lambskin tote bags are what you want...

[From Elle Magazine//February 2009 issue]

Now ,I have many paper Chanel bags...LoL!!This tote bag is probably gonna be my Christmas' wish list this year...(If spring/summer items are on sale..LoL!)..and I buy for myself!!!

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