March 12, 2009

Chocolate Break...

My working is 8 AM.~6PM..Work is busy as usual, so I get only Valentino.
After work, I have to go get the April issue of Zipper magazine at the Japanese Bookstore in Paragon.

My assignment today was to find a satin, golden and navy blue printed satin dress..for my sister..I'm her occasional stylist(with no salary)..I have no idea how many time I use escalator during 3 hours up'n down//left & right..even walking in the women's wear department..I was dizzy like I was in a maze or something. Anyway, I can't find the dress that I want for her.

It was surreal blur...I have no idea how to explain it...
.....Take a rest in front of Balenciaga boutique about 5 minutes.....
..........Not feel much better.............

On the way home:::I stopped by at Segafredo Espresso...

While I was waiting for my blended Chocolate....Just spottin' my own accessories:



A glass of Iced blended Chocolate was refresh me,though.


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