March 15, 2016


I love the light from the sunshine,but the heat is killing me.

Bikini is not the first thing that comes to my head when thinking about summer. I'm not the person who enjoy the sunshine that much.Besides, the heat of hot weather could turn me to a monster instantly. When I think of my summer I would think of sunscreen and shaved ice (or frozen coke when I'm in Australia). Well, it's almost two in the morning now, I'm trying to stay out of the foodie topic. So, skip the shave ice.I would tell you how to wear "light" and "right" for the summer.//

In summer, you should wear light layer-I would say as light as possible. This mean both make up and dress up. Even though I use the lightest foundation, make make up started to melt during the first 30 minutes I went outside. So, don't wear a lot of make up but if you need to please stay in shade. 

Next,let's talk about clothes.There are so many things to make you look stylish in summer. Sunglasses are the number one must  have item, then colorful accessories (if you don't have one, I suggest to match lipstick color with gorgeous nail color-that's my tips). For clothes, try to make your skin breath. If you have no idea what I'm talking about just think of your clothe which dries the fastest after laundry. Make sense?!  The heat of the summer probably makes you sweat and sticky. Don't forget to spray some sunscreen before you wear your beautiful outfit. 

Dress:: CHOiES//Belt:: H&M//Shoes:: ALDO//
Sunglasses:: Misty Mynx// Bag:: Crush on Clutch

I wish you enjoy summer your way and stay out of trouble from the heat and don't forget to have some shaved ice.

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