October 27, 2014



Lately, I had a feeling like things in my life turned upside down. I had so many trouble situations to deal with. Headache is the name of my buddy who follow me almost everywhere. But you know what they said "There's a rainbow after rain". Last Sunday, I had a flight to Japan which make me feel like 'finally, I got lucky'. This time, I didn't plan anything because it was very short stay (even shorter than the last time I visit).

I went to Narita-San Temple, one of the most beautiful temple in Japan for the first time.It was such a perfect time for me to make a wish and pray for myself and my love ones. The surrounding of the temple, especially the gigantic garden make me feel so peaceful, and threw my stress away. Besides, there are so many inspired things around, beautiful culture, nice people, and great ramen(one of my favorite Japanese food).Finally, I have a happy smile again and try to be more positive and love myself and my life. 

I wish I have a longer stay, so I could snap more photos to show and inspired you guys. Hope you enjoy them. I wish to come back to Japan again and again. 

Thank you for reading my journal/xo


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