July 14, 2012


It take almost five months for me to get back here and write something on my beloved Intiz'Journal.
I have been busy, tired, broken heart, and so much drama...and not spend that much time on fashion as before (like when I just start blogging). Anyway, I think I almost get my strike back..Hmm!!

This afternoon, After reading some Last Look of the Summer on magazines. I was thinking what I am going to improve on Intiz' Journal,though...then I grab "The September Issue" DVD to watch..just to inspired me back to fashion..and that Anna's qoute reminded me

 "Fashion's not about looking back. It's always about looking forward."

Looking forward...so now, I'm sitting here, collect those Autumn/Winter 2012 ready-to-wear from Style.com..try to finish them and summarize the trends by myself. It's better than taking a short cut by copying from wherever or whoever that fashion furious fast forward than me..LoL!!!

Well, I have this editorial in my handy USB for a long time. I totally forget where I get these pictures, but they really makes me laugh...I'm sure after you checked them out, you'll feel the same (especially "fake" Tavi Gavinson).

Did you laugh or smile??!!
See you next journal, Thank you Anna...and thank y'all for reading


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