December 10, 2010

Music:Model:Maria:Maxi Singles

I got this CD months ago as my birthday present, and I think it's one of the coolest ever. As the singer, Maria Lynn Ehren is model. It's simple that models turn to something else simply like actress..but that's not going to interest me as singer(and good in dancing like her). If you actually read every single entry in put in my blog (I would be so appreciate to hear that,though..LoL!!), you'll see Maria before in ReadinN' my LIPS

Thank you Youtube, and those uploaders for these MVs which I waited for month to collects all the tracks.So, you can listen what I listen as well. Yeah..there are only five tracks with fun musics. 
Hope you enjoy Maria's first album,Maxi Singles and don't for get to check out her costume from Milin

Track 1:: Blur 

Track 2 :: Boong

Track 3 :: Come Along

Track 4 :: Grin :) [Thai:: Roy Yimm]

Track 5 :: Wait Up [Thai ::Gebb Toh]

Thank you for reading & listening :)


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