November 13, 2009

Chill Out 'n Post it..

*Intiz'Journal takes a rest at my house today..

Actually, I have to be there get the reserved ticket for the September's relax and no rush day for me,though..Oww,and no shopping~!

I got two missed called in the row...from the Japanese Book Store.
"We've got the Numéro Tokyo/Nov issue for you today"..It takes me a few minutes to be there. The person who called me expressed "That's very fast,mme"...."I know,right?"

After movie//I just sending those Gucci postcards...and checked out some new textbooks@Kinokuniya::

Gosh!..I have so many books I want(wait a sec'..Have I finished the one I have,yet??)
LoL!!not..really :-p

See you later guys :-)Thanks for reading :-)


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