August 21, 2009


Oh Mon Dieu!!!I was in trouble yesterday, forgot my cellphone at home, and went out!!!

4:30PM::I rush myself to finish my work at FOUR "sharp"~Planning myself ahead to go to movie alone[just movie that time].
Forgot my cellphone,so..I have no connection with anyone so far..just myself~

Finally..I have seen it! The Coco Avant Chanel...Remember the last time I whine about this?? It takes four months for the film to travel to my country (Hmm!!) Anyway..I spent about two hours::écouter en Français /lire en comprendre en thaï(?)

7:30pm:: Well,pretty DRAMA!! I love the movie..the costumes are fabulous..really make me think about my Fashion History class,though.

What should I do after this?? let's go check some trends!! So, I spent a few hours @ this place::

..visit many stores//I'm not that shopping mood today..just buy OK ;-p!
Well, let me leaves my snaps here..and see you later :-)

Well, another movie to waiting for 'THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE' :-)


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  1. So looking forward to seeing Coco Avant Chanel! Love your photos.


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