April 06, 2009


On my way, going to the Tokyodo at Siam Paragon. I noticed that we will have YSL boutique pretty soon. But there were something catch my attention more.

I saw those plain white mannequins wear the sophisticated clothes located between the coming YSL and Chanel boutiques, rounded by the rope....Well,I don't know how to call this exactly. It is a small showcase of the Mutmee and Pagakayaw Fabric which made by the northeastern women and the Karens by the project of HRH Princess Sirindhorn. Besides, the clothes has been designed by the fashion design students of Academia Italiana. Oh!I copied the information of these two fabrics...so we will know these 'man-made' fabric together:::

Hand-Woven 'Mutmee' Silk Fabric
'Mutmee' silk fabric,made by a tying,dyeing,and weaving process,is a product of the Northeastern women of Thailand. The product requires genuine expert craftsmanship,patience, and imagination in creating exquisite and colorful designs of the fabric. Each piece of Mutmee silk is unique in itself. Mutmee weaving is a valuable tradition that has been passed on from one generation to another for hundreds of years and which can truly foster pride among the northeastern folk.

"Pagakayaw" or "Karen" Natural-Dye and Hand Woven Cotton Fabric.
"Pagakayaw" refers to an ethnic group commonly known as "Karen" or specifically "Sgaw Karen" whose settlements can be found in mountain areas of Northern Thailand. Traditionally the Pagakayaw practiced shifting cultivation, kept livestock,and cotton weaving for domestic use. Natural substances from leaves, roots, or tree barks were used for dying but they were later replaced by chemicaldyes. Her Royal Highness Princess Sirindhorn initiated the Local Weaving and Natural Dye Occupational Developement Project in Pagakayaw communities in the provinces of Tak and Chiang Mai in order to revive and safeguard traditional knowledge, and supplement their meagre income. The fabrics with unique ethnic design were made into products to bring income and improve the quality of life of the community members.


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