March 20, 2009


Long Walking//Ended up with Shopping
I wake up this afternoon remember that 'Miu Miu' is the last Fall'09 collection I saved to my laptop...

"knock..knock!!" my sis knocked on the door...said she wanna go out and do something (again!) today. I'm actually not sure with her plan...tentative plan. Yesterday, she planned to go get her red wedge shoes..So,this is what we've done today::::

Destination 1::Sanam Luang
Today, there's sale product fair or something...She doesn't care for that stuff (neither do I)..So, We crossed the street....Walk to the Grand Palace
[By the way, what she has in her hand.I don't know exactly how to called it in English,though. We called it 'Pong Pang'..It's a Chinese style Thai toy]

Destination 2: Grand Palace [Outside]
As a plan, she just want to walk..walk..and walk. Today's weather is hot. As the dress code of the Grand Palace. We both couldn't get in. Sis wears shorts,I wear Gladiator sandals..[have to put these boring pair//I don't want to wear sneaker or to show my feet in a pair of flip flop]

So what we could do ..just stay still in the ATM booth //It's rainning!!!///Then we walked along the Grand Palace Wall//With our Pong Pangs::

Destination 3: Ministry of Defense
After crossing the road away from destination two, we head to the yellow house,The Ministry of Defense.

Of course, we both couldn't get it to just roaming around.

Just a while, I turned around and pretended to take a photo of the Grand Palace but these two tourists are whom I wanna take:::


:::::>>>>Heading to The Giant Swing of Bangkok.

Destination 4: The Giant Swing of Bangkok

Let's take a Break:::::Yen Ta Fo [Pink soup seafood noodle] & Longan Juice..Yum (;9)


Destination 5: The Metal Castle

This walking trip really reminded me when I was a Hotel & Tourism student. When I studied Thai Cilization..anyway......Let's move one with the last destination.

Destination 6: Khaosan Road

Bad luck for me that my cool sunglasses dropped to the street while I was getting of the Tuk Tuk//The lens has scratch on them (-__-")Too bad,isn't it?
If you have a chance to visit Bangkok//Khaosarn Road is good place to shop..If you don't prefer luxury.There are so many things:::

The Street for Susie::
I was surprise a lil' bit to see this. I know there are many people in this world named Susie. For me, I know only two..
1.Susie, my old friend,the exchange student from Hong Kong.
2.Susie Bubble, the one who make me surprise with the sign...Finally she has her own street in Bangkok (LoL!) Sorry guys, I'm kidding! You're not going to see Susie's clothes or accessories here :)

Let's take a break 2:::: Blended Mixed Fruit juice & Free Sushi

Refection of the Graffiti T-shirt//Mini Skirt//Gladiator sandals//Giant black leather bag:::

After a whole along walking day......I need some rest (so does my sis)!!

Ba..Bye ;-)

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