October 28, 2016


Last Friday was the best day of my fashion memory, only the bad part was I accidentally drop my camera and it's totally broken (both body and lens) just 30 minutes before I was going to meet one of my favorite designers, Viktor &Rolf

It was a rushing evening, when I was just landed from my flight from Brisbane. The flight was slightly delay,and I know that I'm running late to the Viktor & Rolf in Conversation with Thierry-Maxime Loriot but I was killing myself trying to be there on time, and I did. 

I arrived at the NGV with the wet look (from running in the rain from the CBD to the gallery),and I think I don't have to mention how were my suede black pumps. I was grateful for making the right decision to wear it instead of the faux fur pumps.

Anyway, I have no camera to capture the perfect pictures of my moment. I tried my best to capture this moment with the only device that I have, my Iphone.

It was sublime moment to see those "real" VR past collections which I've seen them only on Vogue website. I have captured my moment to share with you here. If you plan your trip to Australia, visit NGV gallery in Melbourne must be on your list. So, don't miss it.

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May 26, 2016

It's time for my healthy heels

Sometimes heels and I are not getting along well especially when they give me that pain ugly blister behind my ankle which take weeks to cure. Another bad news, I have to reduce wearing high heel because of my back condition. My lower back was pain more than a week, so I tried almost everything that I normally do in my daily routine that risk to my back pain; packing my luggage lighter, lift things in right motion (closing overhead compartment..well,most of the time it's way too heavy!), and of course wearing less high heels. That's not a good news for me. So, I have to look in my closet what shoes that would fit me fabulous, but no heel!!

Surprisingly, I have only three sneakers (one is for gym), and four pair of flats. Two of them, I got for my birthday and never been worn. they are way too night mare to wear!

It's bad to have that terrible back pain, but think of the bright side it makes me to start taking care of myself also give me a new fashion challenge "Dress up, but Down on the heels". I'll try my best to the chic and comfy look....stay tuned with me guys ;) 

Jumpsuit :: Nasty Gal // Belt :: H&M //Shawl :: Portmans //Glasses ::Misty Mynx
Bag :: Vintage //Earring :: Hidden x Treasure// Ballet Pumps :: Butterfly Twists

Lastly, thank you Butterfly Twists to this lovely collaboration


May 12, 2016


Nowadays, I feel like  life is getting busier. Besides, those everyday routines,we need at least an hour (is that enough?)for social media to connect ourselves to others, sometimes at the gym or somewhere to work out to keep ourselves healthy..and so forth. Many times, I want to sleep dead all day and do nothing, but I couldn't. Personally, I feel empty when I do nothing when I'm wide awake. 

When I'm back to Bangkok, it's finally my free time. You know, when I said "free time" is totally mean I have every single minute to work on fashion. Few weeks ago, I caught up with Gail who I sooner give her a golden blogger trophy-super hard working girl!  She is my photographer on this journal of my GRAB N' GO look.

In rush time, I suggest you to keep accessories in your bag. I have few rings, scarf, and one/two sunglasses in my bag. Accessories could make casual look more details. Matching accessories is interesting as well. Try that with your outfit ;)

Tops :: H&M // Skirt :: Jean Paul Gaultier x Target// Shoes :: Nine West// Bag :: Boyy //
Sunglasses :: Sportsgirl//Scarf ::Coach //Rings :: Witchery , @spoilmarket

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April 22, 2016

Jus D' Orange


April 21.2016 | Bangkok
Have you ever had the 'I have nothing to wear' moment in the morning? It's a funny female thing once we thought to ourselves that way ,but in fact there's countless of clothes and accessories right in front of us. I was the early bird this morning, finding what to wear because right in front of me is mostly winter clothes which I prepare for my next trip to Melbourne but right now I'm in Bangkok where it is thirty something degree Celsius. 

Finally,I found this grandma-silhouette top that I bought it awhile ago, and never worn it before. The orange prints is really fresh me up like you drink cold orange juice in the morning. Once I get a statement piece,accessories are my piece of New York cheese cake.
Top(as dress) :: Bangkok//Hat & sunglasses :: Misty Mynx//Earrings ::77th
Bag:: Stella McCartney// Shoes :: Vintage

It's look is so refreshing. The old neckline and silhouette didn't make me feel like I gonna look old in this top. Trust me, you can wear everything in your closet. So, instead of saying, "I have nothing to wear", say "What I will look today/tomorrow?" and try on your clothes until you love it. 

Well, I hope this journal could inspire you something, or at least make you feel thirsty for orange juice ;)

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April 19, 2016



Last week while I was roaming around Perth CBD, I noticed that more than fifty percent of women here is wearing head-to-toe black look. Seriously, I can see it every five second or something!!  

I'm sure that we all love wearing black,and I would say that black is the survival color -you'll probably make less mistake with it. It is classic, never go out of style, BUT! BLACK is boring sometimes to me when I see almost everyone is wearing it at the same time. I was like " C'mon there's so many colors in the planet!" 

I'll give you some of my tips; match your nail with lipstick color, wear colored or printed jacket/blazer/scarf, accessorize you look with color jewelries. Very easy,isn't it?  

Top:: H&M// Leggings ::Uniqlo// Scarf :: Rubi// Sunglasses ::Misty Mynx// Earrings :: Witchery

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March 15, 2016


I love the light from the sunshine,but the heat is killing me.

Bikini is not the first thing that comes to my head when thinking about summer. I'm not the person who enjoy the sunshine that much.Besides, the heat of hot weather could turn me to a monster instantly. When I think of my summer I would think of sunscreen and shaved ice (or frozen coke when I'm in Australia). Well, it's almost two in the morning now, I'm trying to stay out of the foodie topic. So, skip the shave ice.I would tell you how to wear "light" and "right" for the summer.//

In summer, you should wear light layer-I would say as light as possible. This mean both make up and dress up. Even though I use the lightest foundation, make make up started to melt during the first 30 minutes I went outside. So, don't wear a lot of make up but if you need to please stay in shade. 

Next,let's talk about clothes.There are so many things to make you look stylish in summer. Sunglasses are the number one must  have item, then colorful accessories (if you don't have one, I suggest to match lipstick color with gorgeous nail color-that's my tips). For clothes, try to make your skin breath. If you have no idea what I'm talking about just think of your clothe which dries the fastest after laundry. Make sense?!  The heat of the summer probably makes you sweat and sticky. Don't forget to spray some sunscreen before you wear your beautiful outfit. 

Dress:: CHOiES//Belt:: H&M//Shoes:: ALDO//
Sunglasses:: Misty Mynx// Bag:: Crush on Clutch

I wish you enjoy summer your way and stay out of trouble from the heat and don't forget to have some shaved ice.

See you next journal


March 11, 2016

VAMFF for Dion Lee


March 11,16//Bangkok

This is officially my first time to experience fashion in Australia. Even though I have been travelling between my home and here for almost half a decade. 

Last Wednesday, I have only a few hours after landed from my Honolulu flight to get ready for the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival (VAMFF). Fashion is my energy, so I totally forget how jet lag I have that day.  Most importantly, I'm going to see my number one favorite Australian designer, Dion Lee.

I arrived at Royal Exhibition Building when the weather started to rain,but I have faux fur Stuart Weitzman pumps.So, I had to rush and find shelter to keep my beloved shoes safe. 
While I was waiting to enter the hall, I have a great chance to meet one of the coolest and beautiful Australian fashion blogger,Chloe Kermeci. She looks very sharp and chic in her minimal style while my look is totally opposite way-maximal, and of course animal prints. It's my first time for Australia fashion event, I'd like to represent myself and my style. 
Shoes:: Stuart Weitzman//Clutch :: Crush on Clutch.

The show was absolutely amazing. I love every single innovative details of his Spring/Summer 16 collection which I used to see the pictures from Style.com. But seeing the real collection is totally give much better feeling. 

I found this VAMFF video on Youtube. It's great to watch to recap my memory , check it out//hope you enjoy it..
It was such a great fashion experience to me. Even though I couldn't see Dion Lee clearly from my seat at the finale,but I feel wonderful anyway ;)

//See you next journal//


February 11, 2016



February 6,16 | Melbourne, Australia

Wearing just a dress to visit the art gallery probably give me the Chalotte York of Sex and The City 's look in my opinion. When, I look at my lovely dress from Zalora , I know exactly it's the piece which is just in time for my day to visit Andy Warhol who is my most inspired favorite pop art artist, and introduce me to try the Campbell's soup.

It quite awhile for me to have free time and visit gallery again .I remember my last time at art gallery was in Brisbane. I finally made my way to Andy Warhol & Ai Weiwei Exhibition at National Gallery of Victoria. This journal, I picked some of my favorite Warhol's collections to share with you. As my #OOTHD (outfit of that day),at first I thought to play with colors just like Warhol's art but instead ,I wanna make it contrast which I call it "Minimalist with a little twisted of prints". 

Andy Warhol | Cow Wallpaper [Pink on Yellow] 1966
Bracelet :: Pandora
Rings:: Witchery // H&M

Alright, this is how I dress the dress. I mix 'n match my painted print dress from Zalora (shop here) with my all time favorite cape blazer.Then, I layering with vertical striped maxi skirt which make me look a little bit taller when I wear flats shoes (that's the tips) and accessorize the rest of the look .

Back to the exhibition, I was surprised when I reach one of the exhibition room where painted in bright yellow (which accidentally match part of the dress print) surrounded by the Warhol's famous collections. Flowers is one of collection which I would like to see. It really inspired me of floral prints for this spring/summer. 
Andy Warhol | Flowers 1964

Well, It was such an awesome day when you "dress up" the way you're cool with it, do something you like, and have a good time. I'm thinking of my second visit before the exhibition will end in April this year. If you have a chance to visit Melbourne, don't miss it :)

//See you next journal//


January 28, 2016


//////It's time to get RE[a]DY for 2016/////

Two weeks ago, I was kind of celebrate Intiz'Journal 7th birthday, with no birthday cake, balloons but only me with fashion magazines, salted caramel cupcake, and watching Junya Watanabe Spring 2016 show on Youtube. Then, I take a look of my 2015 planner and check on my resolutions. Asking how many I have achieved in the year?  Two out of ten is my honest answer. My resolutions last year are quite a 'TO DO' list to me, so this year I have to shake them off a little bit. Forget about getting a pair of Manolo Blahnik Hengisi, hunting Prada vintage, or buy new little closet from IKEA then I thought to myself what I could do to be ready, happy, and inspiring everyday? Finally, I get my resolutions which I'm trying to do from the next 338 days. 
Planner :: MUJI
In the photo//Chanel ::Natural finish loose powder, Le Vernis-Pirate, & eyeshadow brush #15
                            NARS :: Audacious Lipstick in Rita, and Carmen

'Carry' is a good verb for a nice purse, and 'Carry On' is another good resolution for me. We all wish upon the New Year firework for a good year to come. This year, I'm pretty sure that it's gonna be another busy year for me." Carry on! Make it Work!" from Tim Gunn has inspired me years and years to keep do it what I love. So, it's perfect to make this as a resolution to remind myself not to give up . It's quite challenging to have nice 366 (it's a leap year,don't forget) days, someday you might have perfect day of your life,or the worst one. Do your best everyday. You can carry on with whatever you wanna rock 'n roll as long as you love it.  

I wish my personal resolutions might give you some idea if you haven't start one for yourself. Remember to make yourself and others happy. Time flies really fast,trust me. Make it worth :)

See you next journal //xo

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